Can The NBA Dunk Contest Be Fixed?

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Can The NBA Dunk Contest Be Fixed?
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Everyone who watched the NBA Dunk Contest this year was most likely unimpressed. The Dunks were just boring to watch...

Starting off with DeMar DeRozen, he made me think okay this might not be too bad. Then I see Shannon Brown and Gerald Wallace do dunks that I'm pretty sure Kyle Korver could do. Then Nate Robinson. In my opinion Nate should only be going for his second Dunk Contest championship, because in 2006 Andre Iguodala got robbed. Sure Nate dunked over Spud Webb, but Iggy did something no ones ever seen before. The behind the backboard reverse after the pass from Iverson was in one word, sick. 

Back to this years tragedy of a contest. I don't want to talk about Shannon Brown or Gerald Wallace at this point they were just awful. The only dunk worth talking about is DeMar DeRozen's dunk that he got from the pass off the side of the backboard, and the only reason this got the highest score of the night was because of the pass. The dunk wasn't so great that it deserved a 50. It was a windmill from the baseline.

The NBA seriously needs to do something about this. If I have to watch another dunk contest without a superstar like Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, etc. I might not care about it anymore. People don't watch the dunk contest to see Nate Robinson win it for a third time. They watch it to jump out of their seats and be excited about seeing dunks that no one has ever seen before. 

At last I make one final plea... LeBron please do one dunk contest in your career, it would be awesome.

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