Time To Look at Wrestlemania!

Colin LucasContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

As Elimination Chamber is passed on, all the wrestling fans set their sights on the biggest show of the year, "Wrestlemania". As of last night, we see Chris Jericho as the World Heavyweight Champion and Batista as the WWE Champion. With these two as World Champions, it seems very clear who each of them will face. Jericho will wrestle the Royal Rumble winner Edge and Batista will go on to wrestle John Cena. Is the excitement in the air for these title matches, or are we doomed to see a terrible show?

That's an odd way to put Wrestlemania, a terrible show. How could anyone say Wrestlemania is going to be terrible? It is because of two wrestlers, John Cena and Batista. For years either John Cena or Batista are in a title match at Mania, but is it really necessary? It is great to see that Sheamus is not going into Mania with the title, but anyone could hold the title than Batista or Cena! Yes, there is a bit of hype around Cena defending Bret's honour. Yes, Batista is on Vince's side, but this match could have been done WITHOUT a title.

I don't see this match between Batista and Cena becoming even bigger because the WWE title is a stake. I think a lot of wrestling fans would have been happy to have just Cena vs. Batista in a simple grudge match and go at it. We all know the outcome of this match already, Cena goes over at Mania. SURPRISE! Did I shock anyone? No, no I did not. As if WWE would let Bret Hart's final appearance on WWE television on a negative note. Vince loves to lose at Mania and it won't be a surprise if we see Vince embarrassed at the show. This title in this match means nothing. I don't know if WWE thinks that this will draw them more ratings or PPY buys because it is for the title, but in my eyes, the title is going to be an afterthought.

Maybe I might be wrong. Maybe this title match will get some awesome hype before the big show. It just seems the WWE title again becomes less valuable to the company as the title has in the past decade. The title just seems to be a prop and it looks like WWE does not care who the title is on or how it is used.

On the other hand, Jericho vs. Edge should be an interesting matchup. With enough promo time behind these two, this could turn out to be a very well-planned match. The hype around Triple H and Randy Orton last year amazing, and if Edge and Jericho can get that type of match push, this Wrestlemania might be really good. But as we have seen time before, they might give the TV time to Batista and Cena which would be sad to see. I am excited for Edge and Jericho, but the path WWE has taken these past few years, my excitement will turn into anger.

I really do not want to ruin Wrestlemania for anyone; I am going to watch it. It just seems WWE does not care about their fans. With WWE being a part of the public stock, this is not surprising. These matches just need the right promo time and the Wrestlemania main event should go fine, but I am not getting too excited just yet...