NBC's Carillo Strengthens Bid to Become Bruce Jenner

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NBC's Carillo Strengthens Bid to Become Bruce Jenner

In what has become one of the most unexpectedly intriguing subplots of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, NBC has sought out additional camera time for reporter Mary Carillo as she continues her bold quest to become former decathalete Bruce Jenner. 

Experts are still reviewing to determine if it is Carillo who, via a wardrobe of flannel shirts and exceeding short hair is taking on features similar to the former male Olympic hero or, as a result of his multiple plastic surgeries, it was Jenner that had begun to resemble a 53-year old woman.   


At press time, all eyes remained on Carillo to see if she could pull off the historic transformation that co-host Bob Costas called “breathtaking”.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst that he was also taking center stage in Vancouver, Jenner has continued business as usual in Los Angeles. 

“It won’t change my dogged pursuit of publicity here in LA,” said Jenner, “but I am thrilled to see myself appearing on NBC and working with heavyweights such as Bob Costas in Vancouver and hope to continue doing so throughout the remainder of the games.”

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