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Why Durantula Should Be Crowned The NBAs Most Valuable Player

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Why Durantula Should Be Crowned The NBAs Most Valuable Player
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Now I know what your thinking. Durant is worse in every stat to LeBron. However, last time I checked the award is called the Most Valuable Player award not the Most Outstanding Player award. Could You imagine where the Thunder would be without Kevin Durant? 

They'd be losing a guy who has 25 points in over 25 straight games. If Durant didn't play those games I'm willing to bet they would have lost over half of the games they won during this streak. Because without Durant the Thunders main go to guy would be who? Russel Westbrook? James Harden? Both are decent players but they aren't able to lead a team like the Thunder into the playoffs. Right now, if the playoffs started today, the Thunder would have the 5th seed in the West. THE 5th SEED! Without Durant the only good thing for the Thunder would be that they'd be staring at the #2 spot in the lottery, behind the Nets of course.

So once again I ask you if you really think about it....

Who is really the Most Valuable Player for their team?

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