NFL 2010 Mock Draft: Will The Rams Choose Suh Or Clausen?

Stuart PowerCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2010

I am sorry that it’s taken me so long to update my Mock Draft, or get back to anyone who’s commented on my previous efforts, but I’ve been ill for a while.  Anyway,  time to get on with the show.

Unless something truly remarkable happens between now and draft day, Jimmy Clausen will be chosen 1st overall by St. Louis.  Again, I could be proven wrong as there are a number of teams that would love to put together a trade package for the number 1 spot. 

However, the most likely candidates are Oakland, Washington and Denver, and aside from Jason Campbell, none of them has a proven QB worth St. Louis even thinking about seriously.  I have heard some rumors that St. Louis may look at signing Michael Vick as a free agent, or swinging a trade for Donovan McNabb

Personally, I don’t see it happening simply because in his last year as a starter (2006), Vick wasn’t even a 60% passer, and the Rams receivers  and offensive line right now aren’t even as good as the 2006 Falcons.

As for McNabb, while he’s still a very effective QB, he’s in the twilight of his career.  If the Rams do sign Vick or deal for McNabb, Ndamukong Suh will be their draft choice.

This year’s Senior Bowl performances have dramatically improved the draft stock of  a number of graduating seniors, while conversely damaging some others, in particular Mr. Tebow. While I still believe Tim Tebow will be a Jacksonville Jaguar next year, his performance thus far has dropped him down my books, probably to round 2 or 3. 

This will cause somewhat of a problem for the Jags as they cannot come away form this draft without Tebow, but they can’t afford to wait until their 3rd round selection.  I therefore see them moving down in the first round and swapping their 1st and 3rd round picks to Pittsburgh for the Steelers 1st and 2nd round picks. 

Kyle Wilson from Boise State, on the other hand, I see moving up into the bottom of Round 1 now.  He was consistently the one of the best cornerbacks on the field during the Senior Bowl.  He’s not that big and not really that fast; but he plays big and just plain doesn’t get beat one-on-one.

Colt McCoy’s stock also took a tumble as well due to his inability to take part in the Senior Bowl due to the injury he received early in the National Championship game.  Any questions regarding his shoulder/arm are now going to have to wait until after his Combine Day.  Personally, I now have him dropping down to the 3rd round.

Jarrett Brown from West Virginia, Dan Lefevour from Central Michigan and Zac Robinson from Oklahoma State were also impressive during this past Senior Bowl, and have improved their draft stock.  All three of these young Quarterbacks will now probably be chosen in the 3rd round.

** Proposed trade – Jacksonville trades the 10th Pick in the 1st Round and their 3rd Round pick 74th overall to the Pittsburgh Steelers  for the 18th Pick in the 1st Round and the Steelers 2nd Round Pick 52nd overall in 2010.

2010 NFL Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

Round 1

1.        St. Louis Rams (1-5): Jimmy Clausen, Quarterback,  Notre Dame

As I stated previously, unless the Rams do something remarkably stupid like signing Michael Vick, Jimmy Clausen will be their choice.  If they do sign Vick or trade for Donovan McNabb (which is the other rumor floating around), Ndamukong Suh will be taken number 1.

2.        Detroit Lions (2-14) :Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle, Nebraska

Detroit is praying that the Rams don’t get a proven signal caller prior to draft day.  If Suh is off the board here, look to them to take either Eric Berry or Gerald McCoy.

3.        Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13): Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma

Tampa Bay basically screwed themselves out of a shot of drafting Ndamukong Suh this year, so they’ll settle for Gerald McCoy here which still isn’t half bad.  If both Suh and McCoy are gone at this point, look to the Bucs to grab either Eric Berry or Russell Okung.

4.        Washington Redskins (4-12): Sam Bradford, Quarterback, Oklahoma

This pick will depend on a couple of factors. If the Rams select Ndamukong Suh first overall, the Redskins will jump all over Jimmy Clausen.  If Clausen goes number 1 AND Washington is convinced his shoulder is fully healed, Bradford goes here.

5.        Kansas City Chiefs (4-12): Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma State

Russell Okung is pretty much a no brainer here. While Brandon Albert has steadily improved his play over this last season, drafting Okung will allow Kansas City to move him to the left guard position, which is where he played in college.  If Okung is off the board, Eric Berry is another safe choice. 

The other option here is if Russell Okung has already been selected, and either Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen is still available at number 5, they can trade down with a team desperate for a QB.  Denver, Oakland and Buffalo would dearly love to leapfrog Seattle to get at either Clausen or Bradford.

6.        Seattle Seahawks (5-11): Eric Berry Safety, Tennessee

With Pete Carroll coming in, he’s going have a ton of options with this selection, as well as a lot of holes to fill including O-Line, DE, DB and QB.  He can quite easily draft any one of Eric Berry, Derrick Morgan, Joe Haden or Bruce Campbell with this selection, or even trade down to get some veteran players to fill his most immediate needs. 

Eric Berry is the superior player at this point so he’ll be in Seattle next year.  If he’s off the board, look to either Bruce Campbell or Anthony Davis being selected.

7.        Cleveland Browns(5-11): Joe Haden, Cornerback, Florida

I’ve seen a lot of Mocks indicating that the Browns should be looking to get a “Franchise” type QB in this draft. 

Personally I don’t see that happening.  Both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson are very capable QB’s, and as long as the Browns get themselves an Offensive Line that doesn’t resemble a colander they’ll be fine.  That being said look to Cleveland to improve their secondary by drafting a shutdown cornerback here.

8.        Oakland Raiders(5-11): Bruce Campbell, Offensive Tackle, Maryland

With Ryan Mallett returning to Arkansas next year, Undead Al will turn his attention to his Offensive Line and get his new Left Tackle. Campbell is an athletic freak who will probably run a 4.9 at the combine, but he has had a number of minor injuries over the last few years. 

If Davis is turned off by his injury history, Carlos Dunlap or Everson Griffen are both viable options.


9.        Buffalo Bills(6-10): Anthony Davis, Offensive Tackle, Rutgers

Apparently the Bills new coach is satisfied with their current QB’s and will be looking to improve the Offensive Line. Anthony Davis will be an immediate improvement at Left Tackle.

10.           **Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) from Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9): Rolando McClain, Inside Linebacker, Alabama

Due to Tim Tebow’s poor performance at this year’s Senior Bowl, I can’t see Jacksonville using the 10th pick on him. Pittsburgh needs some new blood at the Inside Linebacker position and would dearly love to get McClain before the Broncos.

11.            Denver Broncos from Chicago Bears (7-9): Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State

With McClain not available and Brandon Marshall sure to be gone next year, the Broncos will get a go to Wide Receiver with this pick.  If McClain is still on the board Denver will grab him.

12.           Miami Dolphins(7-9): Dan Williams, Defensive Tackle, Tennessee

Miami’s Defensive Line needs to get both younger and better quickly.  Jason Ferguson is turning 34 this year and his replacement is needed now, and Dan Williams is going to be the Dolphins stud NT for the next decade. 

Inside Linebacker is another area of concern.  If Rolando McClain is still available at #12 I can see Parcells grabbing him, but I fully expect him to go at #10 or 11.  Look to Miami to get a Linebacker in Round 2.

13.           San Francisco 49ers (8-8): Derrick Morgan, Defensive End, Georgia Tech

The 49er’s need to get some help getting to the opposing QB’s and Morgan is exactly the kind of player Mike Singleterry likes to have on his team.  Morgan can play on both sides of the line is extremely quick for a 270 lber.

14.           Seattle Seahawks from Denver Broncos (8-8): Brian Bulaga, Offensive Tackle, Iowa.

Seattle is really hurting for help at the tackle position, particularly left tackle.  Sean Locklear is really better suited to right tackle, and has had some injury issues missing 10 games in the last year and a half.  Brian Bulaga is an extremely physical tackle who is suited to the Seahawks zone blocking scheme.

15.           New York Giants (8-8): C.J. Spiller, Running Back, Clemson

C.J. Spiller is probably the most existing offensive player in this draft, and will provide the Giants with an instant home run threat out of the backfield.  Spiller also has tremendous upside returning punts and kickoffs as well.

16.           Tennessee Titans (8-8):Everson Griffen, Defensive End, USC

Tennessee needs to get a defensive end that can pressure opposing QB’s. Griffen is the best DE available if Derrick Morgan is gone at this point in the draft. 

I have seen some Mocks with Jason Pierre-Paul ahead of Griffen, but I think he’s a one year wonder and there are some questions regarding his work ethic and intelligence.  There are some reports that he won’t even get a double digit score on his Wonderlic test.

17.           San Francisco 49ers from Carolina Panthers (8-8): Trent Williams, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

The 49ers have a huge hole at right tackle.  Look to them to fill that need with the 17th pick.

18.           **Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9) from Pittsburgh Steelers ( 9-7): Carlos Dunlap, Defensive End, Florida

With Tebow’s poor performance at the Senior Bowl, his draft stock has plummeted to the point that Jacksonville can now get him in the second round. 

Look to the Jags to address their other major concern and that’s getting pressure on the quarterback from their defensive line. Dunlap is a supremely talented athlete who has had some off-field issues.

19.           Atlanta Falcons (9-7): Sean Weatherspoon, Outside Linebacker, Missouri

Linebacker is an area of concern for the Falcons next year with Mike Peterson having turned 34 in June.  At this year’s Senior Bowl, Weatherspoon was predictably the most vocal player out there, and he was able to back up that trash talk.

20.           Houston Texans (9-7): Earl Thomas, Free Safety, Texas

Earl Thomas is precisely the kind of ball-hawk the Texans need on defense.  Safety isn’t really an area of major concern for the team but if he’s still available at number 20, he’s staying in Texas.

21.           Cincinnati Bengals (10-6): Damian Williams, Wide Receiver, USC

Cincinnati needs someone else besides Chad What-ever-the hell-is-his-last-name-now for Carson Palmer to throw to.  Arrelious Benn is also an option but I think his work ethic will drop him down to round 2.

22.           New England Patriots (10-6): Jermaine Gresham, Tight End Oklahoma

With Ben Watson’s return still up in the air for next year, and with Wes Welker’s availability questionable for the start of the season, Tom Brady will need someone other than Randy Moss to throw to.  Gresham is a first round talent who could fall to number 22 due to his knee injury.

23.           Green Bay Packers ( 11-5): Charles Brown, Offensive Tackle, USC

Aaron Rogers needs a top notch left tackle to keep him upright and alive.

24.           Philadelphia Eagles (11-5):  Mike Iaputi, Guard, Idaho

The Eagles seem to love drafting linemen in round 1, and 2010 will be no different for Andy Reid.  Iaputi is exactly the kind of bruising, mauling offensive lineman the Eagles seem to like.

25.           Baltimore Ravens (9-7):Donovan Warren, Cornerback, Michigan

The Ravens need help at cornerback.  Donvan Warren is one of the best shut down corners in the country and will provide immediate benefits for Baltimore’s secondary.  If Jermaine Gresham is still around at number 25 I can see them grabbing him as they are not happy with the play of Todd Heap.

26.           Arizona Cardinals(10-6):Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan

At only 6-1, Brandon Graham is not really suited to the 4-3 defensive end position in the pro’s, and so will probably transition to a 3-4 rush linebacker at the next level.  Arizona desperately needs someone who can apply pressure to opposing quarterbacks.

27.           Dallas Cowboys (11-5): Brian Price, Defensive Tackle, UCLA

Brian Price’s play this year has made him one of the best defensive tackles available.  If he isn’t already gone by this point Dallas will grab him

28.           San Diego Chargers (13-3): Terrence Cody, Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackle, Alabama

The Chargers need to get their defensive line back in order.  Jamal Williams turns 34 in April, plus he’s due to make $5 million next year as well as coming off surgery.  If either Terrence Cody or Dan Williams is available here, A.J. Smith will jump for joy.

29.           New York Jets (9-7): Brandon LaFell,Wide Receiver, LSU

The Jets came along way this year, mostly on the backs of their ground game.  Look to them going out and getting some more bodies for Sanchez to throw to.  Brandon LaFell is a big target at 6-3 and has decent speed at 209 lbs. 

Defensive end and rush linebacker are also priorities so they could look at Jared Odrick from Penn State here as well.

30.           Minnesota Vikings (12-4): Kyle Wilson, Cornerback, Boise State

With Cedric Griffin probably unavailable for the start of next season, the Vikings will look to shore up their secondary at number 30. 

Kyle Wilson is probably the number 2 or 3 rated cornerback, and if he’s available at this point Minnesota would be ecstatic.  Wilson also has huge upside in the return game.  This kid is the complete package and showcased it admirably at the Senior Bowl.

31.           Indianapolis Colts (14-2): Lamarr Houston, Defensive Tackle, Texas

Indianapolis doesn’t have a lot of major needs at this point, but they can use some improvement at left tackle and defensive tackle.  While most Mocks I’ve seen have Lamarr Houston being taken in the 2nd round, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Colts grab him with the second last pick in round 1.

32.           New Orleans Saints (13-3): Jared Odrick, Defensive End/Tackle, Penn State

This is kind of a hard pick to make because of a couple of factors.

One is that at this point in the draft, the Saints most immediate needs which are on the offensive line at center/guard and getting Darren Sharper’s eventual replacement, there really isn’t a player that jumps out at you a worthy of a 1st round selection. 

Guys like Mike Johnson, Jon Asamoah and Mitch Petrus will be available in rounds 2-4, so I believe they’ll grab Jared Odrick if he’s available to help improve their pass rush.  If Odrick is gone, Chad Jones from LSU or Corey Wooten from Northwestern are also possible picks.

Round 2

33      t. Louis Rams (1-15): Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois

With St. Louis drafting Jimmy Clausen in the 1st round, they’d better get someone else to have him throw to other than Donnie Avery.  Grabbing Arrelious Benn here makes sense.

34      Detroit Lions (2-14): Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest

Detroit needs help in their secondary.  Brandon Ghee can provide them with excellent value with this selection.

35      Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13): Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

Even if Tampa resigns Antonio Bryant they need some other option for the improving Josh Freeman.

36      Kansas City Chiefs (4-12): Maurkice Pouncey, OL/C, Florida

Look to the Chiefs to continue to improve their OL in order to keep Matt Cassell off of his can next year.  Pouncey is a very versatile player who has played guard, center and tackle at Florida.

37      Washington (4-12): Jahvid Best, Running Back, Cal-Berkley

Washington needs to find a talented running back.  Jahvid Best will fit into Mike Shanahan’s offense quite nicely.

38      Cleveland Browns (5-11): Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Floida

Jason Pierre-Paul has first round talent, of that there is no question.  The question marks surrounding this young man are his work ethic, and his intelligence.  As previously stated there are some rumors floating around about his Wonderlic test results. 

Is he worth the risk in round two?

Definitely as both starting DE’s for the Browns this year were over 30 years of age so they need to get younger.

39      Oakland Raiders (5-11):: Corey Wooten, DE/DT, Northwestern

Oakland needs to upgrade their D-Line and get more pressure on their opponents.  At 6-7 and 283 lbs Corey Wooten as the measurables Al Davis likes in his players.  He’s more suited to play a 3-4 end but he can line up at left end in the 4-3 as well.

40      Seattle Seahawks(5-11) : Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State

Seattle needs to find someone who can run the ball and Dixon is a very powerful runner at 6-1 and 245 lbs.  He also can catch the ball very effectively out of the backfield.  Jonathan Dwyer is also a possibility here but he has had some injury issues.

41      Buffalo Bills (6-10): Cam Thomas, NT, North Carolina

Cam Thomas had himself a great Senior Bowl and has pushed his ranking up to the 3rd rated pure Nose Tackle in this draft.  With the Bills moving to the 3-4 next year he looks like a good fit.

42      Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13) from Chicago Bears (7-9): Devin McCourty, CB/KR/PR, Rutgers

Tampa needs to get someone else to play opposite Aquib Taliq at cornerback.  Devin McCourty had a terrific Senior Bowl, and he has added value in returning punts and kickoffs.

43      Miami Dolphins (7-9): Brandon Spikes

Miami needs help at the inside linebacker position.  Brandon Spikes does have some flaws to his game, but he is better suited to Miami’s 3-4 defense than Daryl Washington from TCU.

44      New England  Patriots( 10-6)  from Jacksonville (7-9) Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB, TCU

New England had trouble putting any pressure on opposing quarterbacks this past year.  Look to address that lack of a pass rush with Jerry Hughes.

45      Denver Broncos (8-8): Mike Neal, DE/DT, Purdue

Denver had huge problems stopping the run last year. Good God, the Raiders racked up 241 yds against the Broncos’ porous defensive line.  Mike Neal is a very versatile player who can play either the 3-4 end or 4-3 tackle position.

46      New York Giants (8-8) : Chad Jones, Safety, LSU

The Giants need to improve at safety and Chad Jones is the 3rd best safety in this draft after Berry and Thomas.

47      New England Patriots(10-6) : from Tennessee (8-8): Joe McNight, RB, USC

It's time to cut ties with Laurence Maroney. He doesn't make anyone miss, and he fumbles far too often on the goal line. 

48      Carolina Panthers (8-8): Andre Roberts, WR,  The Citadel

Carolina had problems last year with Jake Delhomme forcing throws to Steve Smith.  They need to get another go to receiver in this draft.  Andre Roberts had a hell of a Senior Bowl and really opened some eyes.

49      San Francisco 49ers (8-8) : Mike Johnson, OG, Alabama

The 49ers get better on their offensive line.  Mike Johnson is a very versatile player, and has played both guard and tackle at Alabama.

50      Kansas City Chiefs (4-12) from Atlanta Falcons (9-7): Vladimir Ducasse, OG, UMass

KC’s Scott Pioli continues to upgrade his O-line to try and keep his $6 million man alive.  Ducasse is a real brawler, and will add some much needed attitude to the Chiefs interior linemen.

51      Houston Texans (9-7): Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State

Perrish Cox, who can help in the return game, is a bargain down here after a solid Senior Bowl week.

52      Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9) from Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7): Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Jacksonville can’t let Tim Tebow escape the 2nd round, which is the major reason they would swing this trade with Pittsburgh.

53      New England Patriots (10-6): Jeremy Williams, WR, Tulane

New England will continue to try and find another WR for Brady to throw to.  Jeremy Williams is an excellent receiver with size at 6-0 and 205 lbs.  He also has value as a returner.

54      Cincinnati Bengals ( 10-6): Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati

The Bengals are reportedly very high on local product Gilyard, who had a very good Senior Bowl.  Taking receivers in back to back rounds make sense for Cincinnati as Carson Palmer desperately needs someone else to throw to besides Ochocinco.

55      Philadelphia Eagles (11-5): Taylor Mays, S, USC

This may be a bit of a reach in the 2nd round, but safety is an area of concern for the Eagles.  Sean Jones won’t be back next year because of his inability to tackle or cover.  While tackling is one of Mays’ strong points, coverage isn’t. 

This could be because he’s just too big to play either strong or free safety at 230+ lbs.  If he could lose some weight with out it affecting his speed or hitting power in order to improve his agility, he could work out as a strong safety.  In order to do that he needs to get down around the 210-220 lbs mark. 

Otherwise, he’ll be bulking up to play linebacker.

56      Green Bay Packers (11-5): Javier Arenas, CB/KR/PR, Alabama

Green Bay needs to get younger in their secondary.  Al Harris turns 35 this year and is also coming off knee surgery.  Arenas was one of the top CB’s in college football and as great value in returning kicks.

57      Baltimore Ravens (9-7): Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

Joe Flacco needs someone else to throw to. Shipley basically carried Texas on his back in the BCS final against Alabama after McCoy went down.

58      Arizona Cardinals (10-6): Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa

The Card’s need help at tackle, as evidenced by the way the Saints pummeled Kurt Warner in their playoff matchup.  Calloway is projected as a right tackle at the next level.

59      Dallas Cowboys(11-5): Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia

Marc Colombo was embarrassed by the Vikings Ray Edwards in their playoff game, plus when Flozell Adams was injured Dallas was unable to handle any pressure from the Vikings defensive line.  Selvish Capers is an extremely athletic tackle and has actually added weight prior to the Senior Bowl.

60      San Diego Chargers (13-3): Jonathan Dwyer, Running Back, Georgia Tech

San Diego needs to get a new running back as LT has stated he might be done as a Bolt.  Dwyer is good value this late in round 2.

61      New York Jets (9-7): Alex Carrington, DE/DT, Arkansas State

The Jets as mentioned have some concerns on their defensive line.  They need to get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks without exposing their secondary.  Alex Carrington had a huge year at Arkansas State finishing with 12.5 TFL and 7.5 sacks (5 TFL and 4.5 sacks in his final four games.)

62      Minnesota Vikings (12-4) : Nate Allen, Safety, South Florida

If Nate Allen is still available this late in Round 2, the Vikings will grab him.  Madieu Williams is not the answer at free safety and they desperately need to get a physical ball-hawk at that position. 

Nate Allen is one of the more underrated prospects in this class, but he still managed to get 85 tackles, four interceptions and four pass deflections in 2009.

63      Indianapolis Colts (14-2): Daryl Washington, Inside Linebacker, TCU

The Colts will look to shore up the middle of the defense with this selection.  Although he’s a little light as an inside linebacker at 226 lbs, Washington plays a very physical style of football and is as fast as some running backs so he can also cover well.

64      New Orleans Saints (13-3) : Navorro Bowman, OLB, Penn State

The Saints need to upgrade the weakside LB position.  Navorro Bowman will be an improvement over Scott Fujita next year.

Round 3

65      t. Louis Rams (1-15): Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State

The Rams need help at the weakside linebacker position.  Dekoda Watson is a bit undersized at 6-1 and 232 lbs, but Florida State has produced some great smaller linebackers in the past like Derrick Brooks and Ernie Sims.

66      Detroit Lions (2-14): Dexter McCluster, WR/RB/KR. Ole Miss

This pick will give the Lions some much needed versatility on offense. 

McCluster is another multi-talented player in the mold of Reggie Bush and Percy Harvin who can line up in the backfield or as a receiver.  He is a bit undersized at 5-8 and 165lbs to take a lot of carries as a running back, but he is so elusive he will provide some relief at running back till Kevin Smith is healthy.

67      Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-13): Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss

Tampa Bay had oodles of problems getting to quarterbacks last year and need to improve their production from their ends.  Greg Hardy will have to drop some weight in order to be effective at the next level.  He weighed in at almost 280 lbs at the Senior Bowl, and it showed in his sluggish play all year.

68      Kansas City Chiefs (4-12): Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB, Clemson

KC is another team looking to get more pressure on opposing QB’s next year.  Ricky Sapp did a great job rebounding from a torn ACL finishing up with 13 TFL  and 5 sacks.

69      Washington – Forfeited pick from 2009 Supplemental draft

70      Oakland (5-11): Mitch Petrus, OG, Arkansas

Oakland still has a number of serious issues on their offensive line, so look to the Raiders grabbing a guard to compliment the tackle they took in round one.

71      Philadelphia Eagles (11-7) from Seattle Seahawks (5-11):  A.J. Edds, OLB, Iowa

With Will Witherspoon on the roster and Stewart Bradley coming back next year, the Eagles are set at two of the linebacker positions. They need a third guy.

72      Cleveland Browns (5-11): Jason Fox, OT, Miami

One of Mike Holmgren’s areas of concern is improving his offensive line for next year.  If Jason Fox’s knee surgery is successful and the irregular heartbeat issue is cleared up he’s great value here in the 3rd Round. 

I have seen some mocks with a QB going here.  As I’ve previously stated, if Holmgren can fix the o-line either Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson will be fine.

73      Buffalo Bills (6-10): Jarrett Brown, QB, West Virginia

Regardless of the Bills new coach’s satisfaction with their current QB’s, Jarrett Brown has too much potential to pass up at this point.

74      Miami Dolphins (7-9): Koa Misi, OLB/DE, Utah

With the possibility of both Joey Porter and Jason Taylor moving on next year Miami will need to reload at Rush Linebacker.

75      Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) from Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9): Dan Lefevour, QB, Central Michigan

With Charlie Batch getting on in years, the Steelers need to get another quarterback in their system.  While he doesn’t have the same kind of arm as Ben Rothlesberger, he plays the same way.

76      Chicago Bears (7-9):John Jerry, OG, Ole Miss

The Bears need a huge run blocking guard to open holes for Matt Forte.  Mr. Forte meet your new best friend John Jerry!

77      New York Giants (8-8): Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale

Veldheer is and absolute monster right tackle at 6-9 and 321 lbs.  Drafting him here will allow the Giants to move William Beatty to left tackle.

78      Tennessee Titans (8-8): Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama

Tennessee needs to upgrade their secondary, particularly at nickelback.  Jackson is a tremendous improvement over Nick Harper.

79      Carolina Panthers (8-8) : Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia

Geno Atkins dramatically improved his draft position with his Senior Bowl performance.  He was virtually unstoppable and made Mike Iupati look silly on a number of occasions. 

80      San Francisco 49ers (8-8): Akwasi Owusu-Ansati, CB/KR, Indiana of Pennsylvania

The 49ers look to restock their secondary.  Owusu-Ansati is a very physical corner at 6-1 and 205 lbs, has tremendous speed at that size. and will be used in returning kickoffs and punts.

81      Denver (8-8): Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

Unless McCoy’s Combine day performance is absolutely out of this world, Denver will grab him in the 3rd round.  Colt McCoy is a very personable young man and very likable.  Unfortunately, his arm strength isn’t up to making all the throws required from a NFL quarterback.

82      Houston Texans (9-7) :Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

Houston needs a big running back for goal line situations and to help spell Steve Slaton.  Gerhart is bruising runner with good hands out of the backfield.  He’ll be an excellent change of pace from Slaton.

83      Pittsburgh Steelers(9-7) – Eric Norwood, DE/OLB, South Carolina

The Steelers have two great pass-rushing linebackers, but they don't exactly have the best depth at the position. Also, don't forget that James Harrison turns 32 in May.  If Norwood is still available at this selection the Steelers will bite.

84      Atlanta Falcons (9-7): Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

Cornerback is an area that the Falcons could use some depth at.  Robinson is a big, physical style cornerback, but he does have a tendency to get beat deep.  Definitely a value pick at this point in round 3.

85      Cincinnati Bengals (10-6): Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona

The Bengals have nothing currently at the TE position and Carson Palmer would really benefit from having another target over the middle of the field.

86      Oakland Raiders (5-11) from New England Patriots (10-6): Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota

Oakland needs to improve their current crop of wannabe receivers just so whomever they have at quarterback will have someone decent to throw to.  Eric Decker has surprising speed for someone 6-2 and 215 lbs and is strong enough to take the pounding over the middle.

87      Green Bay* (11-5): Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

Running back is not a true area of need for the Packers at this point, however if Matthews is still on the board at this point in the 3rd round, Green Bay will grab him as their back up to Ryan Grant.

88      Philadelphia Eagles (11-5): Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa

More help in the secondary - Ellis Hobbs will be a free agent this offseason, while Sheldon Brown turns 31 in March.

89      Baltimore Ravens (9-7): Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida

Baltimore probably committed more pass interference penalties this year than any other team in the AFC, and it certainly showed in their game against the Colts.  Cornerback will continue to be upgraded throughout this draft.

90      Arizona Cardinals (10-6): Jevan Snead, QB, Ole Miss

With Kurt Warner gone, look to the Cards to try and swing a trade for Donovan McNabb before May.   Even if they don’t make that trade, look to Arizona to draft Jevan Snead here.  Snead has all the tools to run the Cardinals vertical offense.

91      Dallas Cowboys (11-5): Morgan Burnett. S. Georgia Tech

Despite getting burnt for a long touchdown against the Vikings, Gerald Sensabaugh played well this year. The Cowboys will now have to focus on finding an upgrade at free safety.

92      San Diego Chargers (13-3): Patrick Stoudamire, CB, Western Illinois

The Bolts don’t have a lot of depth in the secondary, particularly at cornerback after Quentin Jammer, Antonio Cromartie and Antoine Cason.

93      Cleveland Browns (5-11) from New York Jets (9-7): Jermaine Cunningham, DE/OLB, Florida

Cunningham was sort of the forgotten guy at Florida playing across from Carlos Dunlap.  As a senior he still managed to notch 11 TFL and six sacks this season. He should be able to play in either scheme.

94      Minnesota Vikings (12-4): Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State

The Vikings need to get their next quarterback here.  If Brett Favre retires for good this year, Minnesota would be left with either Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels as their potential starters for 2010. 

Zac Robinson has all the tools to succeed in Minnesota’s West Coast style offense; he has excellent mobility and good arm strength.  Plus with Adrian Peterson in the backfield he’s going to have the time necessary to mature into the role as he’s not going to be required to carry the team immediately.

95      Indianapolis Colts (14-2): Tyson Alualu, DT, California

The Colts aren't exactly strong at defensive tackle, and Tyson Alualu is a heck of a bargain at the bottom of the third round

96      New Orleans Saints (13-3): Jon Asamoah, OG, Illinois

Weighed in at a disappointing 6-4, 300 at the Senior Bowl. Had the shortest arms (31 inches) of all the offensive linemen.  Asamoah will probably have to bulk up 20-30 lbs to play effectively at the next level.




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