WWE Wrestlemania: Is the Divas' Road a Dead End?

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2010

At WWE's Elimination PPV, we were finally going to get the end of the Divas Championship Tournament, which was created after Melina was forced to vacate the championship after an injury.

Gail Kim and Maryse were the final two standing, and this drawn-out contest was going to finally come to an end.

Then Vickie Guerrero came out and, because the RAW Divas had been saying bad stuff (rightfully so) about the Smackdown Divas, changed the title match to another typical Divas tag team match featuring Team LayCool, Michelle McCool, and Layla, truly more affectionately known to me as The Beautiful People-Lite.

For the male superstars, the PPV set in stone who will be headlining Wrestlemania. For the Divas, the PPV set in stone that their moment to shine on the Wrestlemania stage isn't looking too bright.

Take RAW for example. This Divas Championship tournament came down to Gail Kim and Maryse at least a month ago, and nothing has been done since.

There's been little interaction between the two, and there has barely been any mention ever of the two of them fighting for this belt, let alone the title itself even being acknowledged.

The rest of the RAW Divas have been delegated to being comedy fodder on the live show and very rarely are seen competing.

On Smackdown, things were at one point going okay. Team LayCool were poking fun at Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix was taking all of them out. Then the Piggie James stuff went on for too long, including still going on to this day; but Mickie got her revenge and became Women's Champion.

Beth Phoenix is nowhere to be seen, and now Vickie Guerrero is getting in on the action. I find that aspect of it interesting that she wouldn't help Mickie out (yes, I know she's a heel, but comments about her haven't been too nice).

I can't even remember the last time Natalya wrestled in a singles match, and the No. 2 face behind Mickie, Maria, is off in Apprentice-land.

With Wrestlemania a month away, what can be put on the card? Here's what I'd like to see:

Divas Fatal Fourway for the Unified WWE Women's Championship

Gail Kim vs. Maryse vs. Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool (or Beth Phoenix)

I am assuming going into this that Maryse will most likely be Divas Champion, and Mickie James will be Women's Champion.

I have a question as to McCool or Phoenix in terms of this coming Smackdown there is a Women's Title match with Vickie as the special referee. If McCool fails to get the title back, I'd put Beth Phoenix in.

I think the title needs to be unified. For one, the talent on both shows is spread very thin. When Melina was Divas Champion on RAW, her competition was far too green, and the championship itself has always been an unimportant belt.

A unified title would allow one champion to appear on both shows and be seen as relevant. If RAW viewers don't watch Smackdown, why would they care who's Women's Champion, and vice-versa.

One Diva going back and forth works much better, and it allows for a variety of matches as well as making formerly random singles matches important in terms of bragging rights as to being a contender.

If the match above were to happen, by logic I'd pick McCool, as she seems to get the "First Diva to..." title consistently.

However, I honestly believe the reward would and should go to Mickie as a bit of a reward sendoff for her years in the company before seriously embarking on a music career. But the dark horse that is Beth Phoenix can never be counted out.

Who knows what the WWE will give us. I for one certainly had high hopes for last year's Battle Royal. How did that turn out?