South Africa World Cup 2010: England Training Complex Is a Complete Dump

Daniel GoochAnalyst IFebruary 22, 2010

Fabio Capello visited the Bafokeng training complex today only to be met by a building site.

He is spending the night in the 5* complex to see how the construction is going.

Bad news for England is that a half of the complex where the team will be spending five weeks, has not been completed yet.

Capello has made a huge fuss about training there, but the trining pitches the team will play on have drainage problems.

Aswell as the pitches, there are no proper roads on site, and one half of the hotel is still not operational. The entire area is also overrun with building materials and b.uilders

With only 100 days to go, it is not looking good.

The FA insisted that the complex will be finished by the time the team arrive on June 3rd.

Yet when one of the construction workers in the area was questioned about the comment he replied: "Really? Well they will be lucky!"

To me, that doesn't sound good.

As one of 60 million England supporters, I hope that it is finished by the time the team arrive, as I would like the team to get the best possible training before the World Cup so they can bring back the trophey after a wait of 44 years.

Come on England !!!