Safety Issues: Could the Eagles Pursue Antrel Rolle?

Anti RavisContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

At the risk of turning what is still a pretty young blog into a free agent wishlist, it would be remiss to avoid mentioning the possibilities of the Eagles acquiring Cardinals defensive back Antrel Rolle:

Cardinals releasing Rolle?
By Mark J. Miller

Arizona Cardinals cornerback/free safety Antrel Rolle(notes) is due $4 million if he’s still on the roster next week and the two sides have apparently discussed a contract extension, but the rumor is that he’s going to get released by the Cards, according to

The Cardinals are apparently thinking the team can re-sign Rolle without shelling out all that dough since he supposedly would really like to stay in Arizona.

However, the 27-year-old who can do a back flip calls Miami home so there is some suspicious that the Miami Dolphins could be interested if Rolle gets put on the open market especially since Miami isn’t fond of the safety it has right now, Gibril Wilson(notes). And the New York Giants may be interested as well.

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Rolle is probably the only legitimate starting safety prospect in a very limited free agent class and he should immediately be on the Eagles radar. Previous reports have them targeting Keith Bullock and Julius Peppers remains a figure of interest, but I would say the safety question looms larger in the Eagles’ list of needs. It remains to be seen what type of impact the uncapped season will have on players’ salaries. Teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers are imposing their own cap structures and keeping their belts tight, but you can expect some teams to open up their coffers without hesitation. Is it too much to ask that the Eagles pursue two of the bigger free agents in this year’s crop? I’m not sure. I do feel as though this team has taken on a different approach in the past two years. The team has developed a new and young identity without any transitional “rebuilding” efforts so it will be interesting to see if they adopt a Win Now! mentality when free agency begins in March.