Bearcats Head Into 2008 With Great Eexpectations

Justin AnthonyCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2008

Heading into the 2008 season the Cincinnati Bearcats are experiencing something no team in the history of Bearcats football has ever had to deal with; Expectation.  For centuries the Bearcats have been the doormat of college football in the state of Ohio and there has never been any buzz in the Cincinnati area for this team.  My how have times changed, for the first time Bearcats football is now relevant not just in the city of Cincinnati, but they are relevant in the college football scene as well.  And in the first time this team will have to deal with something new EXPECTATIONS.  For coach Brian Kelly expectations are nothing new.  Kelly last season started by telling his team they are all here to win a Big East Championship anything less is failure, and he had his team buying into this idea and had the Bearcats in contention all season long.  Now after a very successful off-season, signing many talented recruits to add to both his offense and defensive arsenals Kelly has gone on a media offensive getting the word out in Cincinnati about Bearcats football.  Kelly's media offensive has payed off by securing a record number of season ticket sales for the 2008 season.  With all this buzz heading to 2008 there are some major questions: Will the Bearcats take a step back with a brutal schedule playing at 4 BCS Bowl participants from last year.  Can the Bearcats beat the teams they have struggled with since joining the Big East.(Pit,West Virgina, and Louisville)  Finally can the Bearcats build on their success from last season and win a Big East Championship.