HBK vs. Undertaker: Now We All Know It Will Happen

Lionheart NicoloContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

Maybe you have known by now that last night at WWE Elimination Chamber, Shawn Michaels  super-kicked Undertaker inside the SmackDown EC Match giving Chris Jericho the opportunity to steal gold. The PPV ended with HBK staring at an unconscious Deadman.

Now that we have witnessed this, the speculation regarding last year's "dream match" have been concreted: HBK will face Undertaker at WrestleMania 26.

Personally, I do not want this to happen for the reason that these two surefire Hall of Famers may not be able to surpass the magic they have created last year. And if this happens, the match will be a fail...

I mean, come on, they made last year's best match and they proved that even though they're aging, they can still do what they do best—wrestle and entertain the WWE Faithful.

So we do not want that magic to be blemished and destroyed. It has already been cast, so repetition must not be done.

But if the WWE insists, well, what it must do is provide a totally different angle wherein we won't see the storyline of ending the streak, and all that again. Thank heavens that this time HBK is kind of a heel, but that, I think, is just not enough.

What innovation do you think can the WWE Creative Team do to hype and give the HBK-Undertaker its well deserved change?