We'll admit it … Ohno makes us tingly all over

Matt TarrContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

As a rule, your humble Sportspoop staff rarely offers shout-outs to athletes without breasts … that’s just how we roll. But it’s high time we professed our man-love for Apolo Anton Ohno. The speed skater won his seventh career medal Saturday at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, making him the most prolific American medal-winner ever to participate in the Winter Games.

Man-tastic Apolo Ohno

Man-tastic Apolo Ohno

Let’s be clear, Ohno rubs some people the wrong way — and that’s the exact reason why he has become Sportspoop.com’s Vancouver poster boy.

Yeah, the guy might have an Avril Lavigne “Skater Boy” tinge to his image, but at least he’s not Michael Phelps.

Ohno still has an opportunity to win two more medals before these Games are complete, and we’ll be pulling for the smug little Salt Lake City resident who owns a believable smile. It seems quite simple: The guy enjoys life and the sport in which he competes. That much is obvious and quite refreshing.

And really, who can’t get behind a guy who’s made all South Korea hate him?