Response To Dick Normandy

John PaprikaContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

Today I logged into B/R and found an article published by Richard 'The Dick' Normandy. As soon as I saw the headline I knew that it was bound to cause controversy and would cause a stir among wrestling fans. Simply put I think that he was spoilin for a fight.

It is quite clear that he isn't a wrestling fan and he is free to express his opinion. I myself am a wrestling fan but I'm not going to throw various insults at this person just because of what he said. I am not in one bit slightly offended by what this person has said. However, I believe that this person has chosen the wrong approach to voice his opinion.

He has decided to resort to calling fans childish insults rather than writing down a well structured and logical article. I will counter this with my own well structured response. Most wrestling fans are aware that the sport isn't real. They are aware that it is more of an entertainment spectacle rather than a sport. That is why it's emphasised in the name of the top company in the world (World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT). People may continue to bash pro wrestling for being fake. However, like wrestling, most shows on TV are fake as well as movies and plays. Cynics like Dick Normandy continue to criticise wrestling and hate it on the sole fact that it is fake. I would like to ask the following questions to him and others that think like him. If you hate wrestling because it is fake, then why do people like you spend your money to buy tickets to see a movie that has been scripted and has a pre determined outcome? Why do you continue to buy DVDs for movies that have pre-determined outcomes and watch TV shows which have been scripted?

These people like to hate wrestling because it is fake but  the fact of the matter is that these people are hypocrites. They pour in hundreds of millions of dollars to see a movie that is fake. Millions of people knew that Avatar was fake and was scripted, yet they chose to go to the cinemas to see it. The movie has made over 1 Billion dollars and some of my friends who have in the past said that wrestling is stupid because it's fake and you know what happens. Guess what, they paid money to go to the cinemas to watch Avatar again. They have also bought DVDs of movies that they've already seen. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with going to see a movie again or buying a DVD of a film that you like. I'm saying don't just say wrestling is gay cos it's fake and you know what happens when you continue to do what I've mentioned above.

Now I'll move onto another point. I'll be the first person to admit that wrestling is fake. What makes it fake is that the outcome of matches are pre-determined and they follow a scripted storyline. However what's not fake are the constant injuries that these guys continue to get. Many wrestlers have suffered career ending injuries because of a move that hasn't been executed properly. Many of the moves performed must be performed perfectly or you can suffer serious damage. There isn't any margin for error. Take a look at Stone Cold Steve Austin. After Owen Hart performed a piledriver and botched it by not providing enough protection to his head, which was off by a few centimetres, Stone Cold suffered a broken neck. Another example is Bret Hart when his in ring career was ended due to a poorly timed kick by Goldberg that legitimately caused him to have a blood clot.

Even certain stunts will cause severe injuries to the wrestlers performing them regardless of whether they are performed correctly. Take a look at Mick Foley when he fell off the roof in Hell in a Cell. That fall was staged and performed correctly, but he still suffered a concussion and numerous other serious bodily injuries. Also no matter how much practice you do, wouldn't it still hurt to fall from a 20 ft ladder and land on concrete? Or get broken through a wooden table or get cut with barbed wire? Believe me my dad is a tradesman and fell off the top of a 30 ft ladder in a factory and landed on bare concrete. He nearly became a quadriplegic.

Not only that there's no margin for error when performing live promos or talking on the mic. These wrestlers perform in front of a live audience. Every word that comes out of their mouths must be spot on. They cannot get nervous and mumble their lines. It's like improv, one mistake and your act is ruined. Also commentators need to be on their game and outcomes of matches need to be improvised with no plan when a wrestler unexpectedly gets injured during a match.

Another question, how can wrestlers not be regarded as professional athletes when they have to train just as hard as people in other sports. They have to regularly go to the gym to maintain their physique and body strength. They have to remain fit and practice their moves and choreograph their matches. But most importantly like any other sportsperson they suffer injuries doing their respective profession.

Wrestling to me is like any other scripted movie, play or TV show. It has storylines. It also has characters that are portrayed as good guys and bad guys. The bad guy's goal is to foil the good guy and the audience hates the bad guy and loves the good guy, well in most cases. What is the difference between audiences hating a bad guy like Randy Orton or Chris Jericho compared to somebody wanting to see T-Bag in Prison Break get his just desserts? Also, outside of shows just like regular actors, wrestlers are out of character and in a lot of cases actually admit to the show being fake.

To conclude my article, I believe that there's nothing wrong with people disliking wrestling and are free to express their opinions on this matter. However, what I do have a problem with is people who will bash wrestling only because it's fake and provide no reasonable or logical argument like Dick Normandy has, yet these people will continue to set a double standard by continuing to go to the cinemas to watch a scripted and 'fake' movie, buy DVDs for films which are also fake and they've already seen as well as watching TV shows that are also scripted.