Rock the House: The Hotties of Olympic Curling

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Rock the House: The Hotties of Olympic Curling

I have probably watched more curling, men's and women's, in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics than any other event.

Some may think it's boring, but I enjoy watching matches because as they say, it's like chess on ice. There is so much strategy to the game and the only one to get inside your head is yourself.

Like everything else, people watch certain sports because of who play them, and curling is no different as there are plenty of attractive women on this ice.

That may be one reason I watch, but it's also because of the fact that curling only gets national television exposure every four years at the Olympics.

I also like the lingo of the sport of curling: Curlers throw the 'rock' or 'stone' in each 'end', with the last one named the 'hammer'. They play on a 'sheet' to get the stones into the 'house' with the main goal of landing on the 'button'.

I'm liking the sport more and more everytime I watch a match. Plus, these are everyday women who just happened to pick up curling as a sidenote early on, purely because they loved it.

These athletes aren't like hockey players. The women have normal jobs back home because there is very little to no money in being a professional curler, so the Olympics is truly their chance at glory.

The following ladies are my top 15 curlers that I'm watching for, and I apologize if your favorite fails to make this list.

Had I known that curlers look like this, I might have taken up curling at a local club growing up and practiced my 'draw' shot.

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