United States Owns Canada

edgar arceContributor IFebruary 21, 2010

The Olympics have not disappointed, and although there have been many dramatic moments to this point; none is going to be more dramatic than today’s match up of Canada vs. USA in men’s hockey. I must first say that the hockey being played has been insane! The level of play has been intense for this sort of competition, and I think the level of play has exceeded my expectations. I can definitely see now that the NHL players have definitely been saving it all up for this tournament. Everyone has been giving it their all, including the teams with little to no NHL players. In fact, I sometimes feel a bit sorry for those teams that have one or two NHL players, because of the lopsidedness. Even with a disadvantage, these teams are able to raise their level of play in order to provide hockey fans with some incredible Olympic moments. In the end, the teams that win the gold, silver and bronze medals, are going to look like soldiers after a battle; weathered and tired. What I love the most is that not only is the level of play intense, but records is being broken left and right, making theses Olympic Games historic.  I was talking to a friend and told them that this year; the team that wins the Stanley Cup will have played in two different playoffs. And as soon as the Olympic Games are over, it’s back to the NHL grind, to finish the second half of the second. Looming at the end of the NHL tunnel, is the even more difficult NHL playoffs, that almost always eats away at whatever is left of the top eight teams in the east and west. Yes indeed, it’s a good year to be a hockey fan. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to get ready for today’s battle on the ice!



The US hockey team beats the Canadians for the first time since 1960 in the Olympics! Great game not only by Kessler and the rest of the US team, but most importantly Goalie Ryan Miller. Miller was nails tonight and kept the US in the game the entire time!