Three Late-Round Bargains You Didn't Already Know About: Hitters

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Three Late-Round Bargains You Didn't Already Know About: Hitters

If there’s one word that makes fantasy owners' ears perk up like Tiger Woods at a sex convention, its sleeper.

Everyone thinks they have a few gems, but usually keep their names under tighter wraps than Al Capone’s vault. Most would rather lose a limb than divulge such top secret information to even their closest of confidants.

Why such secrecy? Because the fact remains that there’s no sweeter pleasure for a fantasy owner than the “I told you so” moment of watching a player who he/she had been eyeing months before the season began (and probably reached for a few rounds too early in the draft) tear it up, to everyone’s envious surprise.

Do I fall into this category? Certainly.

Everyone wants to be the one to find the next Albert Pujols. It gives you that false sense of entitlement that makes you honestly believe you can be an MLB GM.

But I’ll spare you the old song and dance, because if you don’t already think Billy Butler, Jay Bruce, Andrew McCutcheon, Elvis Andrus, Julio Borbon, Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, and Jonny Cueto are primed for breakout seasons, then you’re clearly not paying attention.

Here are your deep sleepers. The sleepers you watch throughout spring training to see if you can catch an early glimpse of greatness. The late-round gems who, ultimately, will win you your league.

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