Long Time Minor League Football Player Honored

Coach MendozaContributor IFebruary 21, 2010

Doug "the deuce" Holland, pictured here at the induction ceremony recently, has been inducted into the MLFN Semipro football Hall of Fame. He traveled to Nevada to play in their All-Star game and was inducted the following day. Doug chose his former coach and good friend, Jim Clarke, also a former player and former Commissioner of the NCAFF, to present him into the hall. Doug's final career stats are too impressive to list here, but nonetheless, they are up there among the nation's best. He still holds the official record for the longest Int return for TD in Northern California History at 107 yards while he played for Jim Clarke and the Mountain View Flyers. Doug is very deserving of this honor having played for 14 seasons at such a high level against some of the very best receivers in semipro football. Of course, he worked against some of the very best too while with the Flyers, 49ers, Jaguars & Raiders in practice each day such as James Smith, Sadeo Langfeldt, Raymond Price, Mickey Stewart, Pat Tennyson, Yama Kashifi and Anthony Griffin. Doug also played other positions when asked such as running back, defensive end, outside linebacker and wide receiver. He is the consummate team player and a fine example of sportsmanship on and off the field. You will be missed Doug on the field, but your contributions are now being recongnized by the sport's peers and hopefully some of your teammates over the years as well in coming seasons. Congratulations! - Coach Tim.