Sixers Blow a Huge Opportunity at Deadline

John FlahContributor IFebruary 21, 2010

The Sixers passed up a great opportunity to get the team back on track, this trade deadline. GM Ed Stefanski has never been inclined to making trades. The most notable trade I can think of in the past 6-7 years is the trade for Chris Webber. And while it brought in fans to watch the washed up superstar he was not highly effective in winning games. 

Again this happened with the mid season signing of Allen Iverson, once again another washed up superstar. The Sixers needed to clear up cap space this trade deadline. Sending Andre Iguodala and Sammy Dalembert to Phoenix for Stoudemire made the most sense. Amare probably would not have resigned with the Sixers but it would give us an opportunity to go after other names. Not LeBron or Dwayne, but possibly Carlos Boozer. Overall we are not going to win by signing free agents. We need to rebuild and get good young talent from the draft.

If the Sixers moved Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert we would have extra cap room and most likely fall down to a lottery pick. Which to me doesn't matter. I would like to see the Sixers get a lottery draft pick for a year or two in a row and get good young players, rather than seeing them get into the playoffs in the 7th or 8th seed and losing in 5. Now this may be challenging because the Sixers do play in the East which it seems year to year has an amazing 1 and 2 seed, and then is awful for seeds 4-8. Currently the Sixers are in the 10th spot in the East. I can only pray they maintain this seed and get someone with some ability in the draft.