Hue Jackson Chooses Russell Over Cutler

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Hue Jackson Chooses Russell Over Cutler
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Most of these so called "Raider Fans" believe that JaMarcus Russell is the worst QB in the NFL. So does ESPN. But it is also very clear that ESPN hates the Raiders Organization, despite the fact that all the Players and coaches seem to love AL Davis and the Oakland Raiders.

Lets rewind to the very beginning of this offseason. Al Davis had many decisions to make in order to get his team back to it's winning ways. Priority number ONE one was how to get the worst offense in the league, led by the worst Play Caller in NFL history in Tom "Basic" Cable to be more productive.

Raider "Fans" seem to think that throwing the ball 65% of the time is a  logical formula for success, despite having three extremely talented running backs. Wrong. The  N.Y. Jets made it all the way to the AFC championship game in 2009 behind a mediocre rookie QB, a solid defense, and a strong three back running attack. (Sound familiar?)

Most Raider "Fans" hope that JaMarcus will truly be a "bust" so that they will not have to eat their words once he starts to produce. But their is a new Chef in town. His name is Hue Jackson, and his main dish will be Humble Pie. Mmmm, sounds good, don't it?

Hue Jackson was the hottest NFL coach on the Market this offseason, and despite the perception of Oakland being the worst place to coach(sorry ESPN) Mr. Jackson willfully chose the Super Talented, extra Poised JaMarcus Russell in Oakland over the Over-rated, interception prone crybaby clone in Jay "whoops, wrong team" Cutler in Chicago.

The debate over whether Russell is a bust rages on as Clowns like "Jay Dee" continue to post recycled ESPN nonsense on Bleacher Report.(Sorry BR) But I think the expert(Hue Jackson) has spoken by Choosing the Oakland Raiders and JaMarcus Russell. Let the "Boos" begin.

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