Tiger's Wood: 10 Chicks Tiger Woods Should Have Banged Before he Got Caught

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Tiger's Wood: 10 Chicks Tiger Woods Should Have Banged Before he Got Caught

Hey did anyone else hear that Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife?
Ok, you got me. I did hear about Tiger Woods' extramarital activities, just like everone else, but honestly, isn't it getting a bit ridiculous?
For almost a week now, I haven't been able to turn on ESPN without hearing something about Tiger Woods. First, when it was announced early last week that he would be making a statemnet of Friday, there was "pre-statement" analysis that rivaled that of the Supr Bowl. ESPN even had an "appology expert" on their show First Take. I mean, really, an appology expert?
Then ESPN, along with many other television stations, aired his written staement live, followed by days of replays and analysis.
I've tried to not think about this, as I'm only a casual fan of golf, and really could care less about what other people do in thier private lives.
However, in this TMZ-driven era, I seem to be in the minority, so I have given in and decided to write about Tiger's affairs.
Then I began wondering, if I were Tiger and I got caught, I would probably be pissed that there where actually women out there who I had yet to conquer.
So if I was him, who would be the top 10 ladies I wish I would have had?

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