NBA Final Stretch Is Here

Obee ToroCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2010

In the 80's I remember watching the NBA. The intense rivals and the talent was wide spread across the league. There were the Houston Rockets with Hakeem and Ralph Sampson. The Celtics with Larry Bird, Robert Parrish, and Kevin McHale. The Philadelphia 76ers had Dr. J, Mo Cheecks, Bobby Jones, Andrew Toney. The Show Time Lakers with Magic and James Worthy. The Bad Boys in Detriot. Dominique Wilkins and the Atlanta Hawks. Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippen. David Robinson and the Spurs. Plus the league had great players sprinkled in on teams that were not as popular. The Cleveland Cavaliers had Mark Price, Gerald Wilkins and a few others. Clyde Drexler was on a solid Portland team. Those were the good old days. Yet today the feel is different. Before the season begins you can almost predict which teams will compete and the one's who will be dealing at the trade deadline. The talent level is still good, but the star power is only on a few teams. The Celtics, Lakers, Cavs, The Magic, and Denver. The Spurs and Suns could be close to being on this list.

So now the trade deadline has come and gone and the teams will be playing for seeding. The only team that seems to have the ability to spoil the party is the Dallas Mavs. The final four should be the teams I have just mentioned. The Lakers and Denver in the west. The Cavs and Magic in the east. The NBA, is becoming all too predictable and I am no longer watching for the rivals. I am just hoping to see and incredible performance by one of the few stars. Like Lebron or Carmelo Anthony.

Hopefully after the 2010 free agency of Frenzy, the balance of power shifts to more teams. The Knicks, The Heat, The Warriors, Oklahoma City, or even the Grizzlies. The NBA wants to rise and be a better league. They need to learn from the other two dominant leagues. The NFL and NHL. The Saints have stormed the world and are Champs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won a title in the 2000's. The Tampa Bay Lightning won a title. The Carolina Hurricanes became worthy of praise. Teams need the chance to be great and make miracle runs. We as fans love to see the story of hope and the rise of the underdog. Yes we love star power, but not when it's the only thing you are selling. The league has so much more to offer than Kobe vs. Lebron. Hopefully we have a great final stretch of this NBA season.