Competitive Activity Should Not Be Described as a Sport

Andrew BrownContributor IJuly 4, 2008

So, I was just walking by when I saw my brother watching the World Famous Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. I see the sweat on Joey Chestnut's face as he ate hot dog after hot dog after hot dog.

A funny feeling was felt in my stomach, and I decided to turn away. How could anyone consider this a sport? Competition maybe, but a sport? NO WAY!

This is a prime example that anything can be a competition. There's no such thing as sport. Sport is just a term to categorize a competition. It's no different than news, entertainment, or politics, which is in their own categories.

Sport is something that is a diversion from the daily grind called life. We buy tickets, read previews of our favorite team, and dive into our fantasy football or baseball team to get away from this hell called life.

That is why "sports" will always been a big deal now more than ever, due to the rising gas prices, the war in Iraq, and the economy that's tanking like a boulder in a lake.

Another example is that the World Series of Poker is going on. Do we consider that a sport?  I look at it as competition, which is no different than the Super Bowl or Wimbledon or even soccer. It is beating your opponent by whatever means necessary in the same way as Madden 2008. Even competing in your mind, while not considering it a sport, is a part of the competitive nature.

So while we can easily describe football, baseball, basketball, and even hockey as sport, it is in the same nature as anything else competitive. We should leave it at that.