Why Randy Shannon Will Not Be Fired From The University Of Miami

Cory AlpertContributor IFebruary 21, 2010

MIAMI - OCTOBER 25:  Head coach Randy Shannon of the Miami Hurricanes watches his team from the sidelines while taking on the Wake Forest Demon Decons at Dolphin Stadium on October 25, 2008 in Miami, Florida. Miami defeated Wake Forest 16-10.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

First of all, to calm the rumors, Randy Shannon will not be fired in 2010, or any other year, for that matter.  The only ways that he will leave are: retiring after a long career at Miami, or becoming a coach in the NFL, and retiring from there.  The reasons he will not be fired are:

5. Upward trend- Randy Shannon has shown a very promising trend in the wins/losses category in the years he has been head coach of the University of Miami.  In his first year, he posted an unimpressive 5-7, which included a shutout by Virginia, in the last game at the Orange Bowl.  That being said, he posted a below-average, but still acceptable 7-5 in 2008.  Impressive wins included one over that season's ACC champions- the Hokies of Virginia Tech.  In 2009, the succeeding in garnering a 9-5 record, which included landmark wins over Georgia Tech and Oklahoma.  These wins alone secured him his job for the 2010 season.  

4. Salary- Shannon is one of the lowest, if not the lowest paid coach in the ACC.  Since Miami is a private school, it is not required to release its Coach's salary.  That being said, it is thought that he makes somewhere near 1.2-1.5 million dollars a year. This number pales in comparison to coaches such as Frank Beamer and Paul Johnson, who admittedly have won ACC championships, who make somewhere near 2.5 million dollars.

3. Recruiting- Shannon has proved he can recruit.  Not only in Florida, but across the nation.  He has shown that he can be effective in recruiting every type of player, from anywhere in the nation.  If you think he can't recruit outside of Florida, look at LaRon Byrd, Seantrel Henderson (Who may eventually turn out to be a Miami guy), Graig Cooper, etc. etc.  He has brought in consistent top-15 recruiting classes, including one Number One class.  (2007.)

2. The Players- The players respect and love Shannon as a father.  To some, he is a father figure, and to others, a man they respect to the highest degree.  He is a player's coach, and respects his players as much as they respect him.  They love him so much that when he was being hired, they were outspoken in their support for him, and they still are.  They will definitely help his case if his seat is to begin to warm.

1.  The University of Miami Administration- The administration of "The U" loves Shannon nearly as much as his players do.  They know that they are the only school that has a black championship-caliber coach with a championship-caliber team.  They also know that they have a great deal with him.  They have a championship-caliber coach with an assistant's salary.  Lastly, the know that he has fixed their image as the bad boys of football, a history highlighted by the recent documentary 'The U'. He know has shown that he can fix that image and show the world that The U can win without the help of showiness.  He has also fixed their image as criminals, having only one arrest during his tenure.  This pales in comparison to