Why Not Troy Smith To The Oakland Raiders?

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2010

Before you say"We already have plenty of Quarterbacks",realize this:Tom Cable loves competition and what better than to bring in the man who played JaMarcus Russell in the National Championship game in 2007?

Troy won the Heisman and JaMarcus did not.

JaMarcus's team won the Championship game and OSU did not.

JaMarcus got picked #1 in the NFL draft.

Troy Smith got picked at #174 in the fifth round.

In 2007,I wanted The Raiders to draft him strictly to keep Russell on his toes.I still think we should acquire him for that sole reason.He would keep all the QB's on alert and bring much needed competition needed at the position.

Hue Jackson has been hired by Oakland and tudored the young QB to start the 2008 season.

Troy already respects and admires Hue.I'm sure he would love to continue to work with his now former Quarterbacks Coach from last year.

Troy earned a starting role in 2008 as the Quarterback for the first game of the season.

Troy contracted a rare case of Tonsillitis and was also diagnosed with a blood cot in his neck.He lost 20 Lbs.and lost considerable playing time.

So Joe Flacco took his starting spot,played well and then never looked back.

Troy not only plays Quarterback,but also can play wide receiver and running back.In 2008 John Harbaugh was qouted saying in camp,

“Troy looked good, made a nice catch over the middle, didn’t he?” head coach John Harbaugh asked after practice. “Without making it a big huge story, because it’s June, I’m quite sure that Troy will be lined up in different places this year. We’ve got the ‘Suggs Package,’ so to speak, and he’s a part of that. He can split out and play receiver, he can play running back.

That makes him much more valuable and many teams (such as the Raiders) love multi-positional players.

Last year Troy seen action in 6 games and in 2008 completing 3 of 4 pass attempts for 82 yards, 1 TD and no INTs for a 156.3 QB rating.

During his time at Ohio State,Troy was the only QB to be rival Michigan 3 years in a row.Although Troy won the Heisman his last year playing college ball,he lost the BCS Championship game against Florida State(Louis Murphy's team).

The knock on him coming out of college,was that he is too small to be an NFL caliber QB.

I think the scouts don't know as much as they think they do.

Isn't Bruce Gradkowski the same height?

Bruce and Troy have much in common as a matter of fact.

They both come from Ohio colleges,around the same height,have great scrambling abilities,have really hard work ethics,have great communication skills,and are two Very "hungry" QB's that want to start in this league.

That right there is enough for me.

Being a Buckeye fan,I've followed and watched Troy from his college career to the present.He is a good kid that has kept out of trouble and always worked hard.

People has said that "He's a scrambling QB",but he is a good pocket passer,he just has the ability to scramble if needed.

Recently around Bleacher Report,I've heard of people high on Micheal Vick.Why,when Troy Smith is a younger version of him?

It has been said that he can be had for a third rounder and I believe we have 2 3rd round picks.We could find someone to send there way as a trade.

All in all,he would make the Quarterbacks better and the team as a whole,better.

So I ask you Raider Nation,Why not Troy Smith to Oakland?