6 Men, 1 Chamber and 1 Preview! A Elimination Chamber PPV Preview!

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IFebruary 21, 2010

It’s time to enter Satan’s Structure! Time to make a legend and break a bone. This is the most challenging stop on the Road to Wrestlemania. You enter a chamber with six men all with the same dream, going to Wrestlemania as champion. WWE Elimination Chamber, formerly known as No Way Out is going to decide which mean will make it to Wrestlemania and which men will make it straight down to the hospital. Of course I mean kayfabe injuries, no one actually gets hurt in hell in a cells or elimination chambers anymore. Anyway let’s start your preview.

World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker(c) v. Chris Jericho v. CM Punk v. Rey Mysterio v. John Morrison v. R-Truth (SmackDown Chamber)

Well it looks like the SmackDown! elimination chamber is certainly stacked. You have some really great athletes in there and some of the best in ring workers in the business like CM Punk, Chris Jericho etc.

I think it’s already been made clear who the favourite is, but let’s break down the possibilities anyways, shall we?

The Undertaker-In a match where the odds are supposedly stacked against the champion retaining, let’s take a trip back to the real world. The Undertaker is the phenom that no one has stopped for the past how many months now? He’s also gotten some good build with both Edge recently and Chris Jericho not too long ago. So you never know what his chances of retaining are. Plus think at this, he’s the Undertaker. He’s running the title a lot recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept it on him. I’d be disappointed, but not surprised.

Chris Jericho-Obviously this is the clear favourite going into the matchup. Why? So many reasons…

For one Chris Jericho and Edge have been suppose to feud for quite some time now. Isn’t it just that interesting that Edge eliminated Jericho at the Rumble? Or all the encounters that the two have had recently and in the past. Isn’t it interesting that many had Chris Jericho winning the World Title and Edge winning Royal Rumble to challenge Jericho in the main event? Basically all the clues are there and they really point to one thing, Chris Jericho v. Edge at Wrestlemania, but to get that Jericho’s got to win the chamber. That should not be a problem.

CM Punk-The Straight Edge Saviour may not be able to save us anytime soon. CM Punk although still being favoured over others does not look like he’s going to get the win. CM Punk will most likely set off something in the chamber with Rey Mysterio to start a feud there. If CM Punk does win he’ll probably fight John Morrison at Wrestlemania for the World Title, but again a Straight Edge Saving does not seem very likely.

Rey Mysterio-Really? This guy again? Oh well. Rey Mysterio has just come off a losing effort to The Undertaker at Royal Rumble. He fought real hard even got some blood out there, but still obviously lost. Rey Mysterio goes into the chamber seeking revenge. Perhaps from a man he failed to beat or a man that couldn’t take the loss. Despite that do not look for Rey Mysterio in this matchup, I do not see him winning.

John Morrison-This ain’t no make believe, John Morrison is actually a favourite to win the chamber. There have been some rumors leaked about Morrison possibly winning the title at Elimination Chamber and fighting CM Punk at Wrestlemania. Just listening to that it doesn’t sound right. What? Morrison winning, Punk actually being used right? And have you noticed the rumor just jumped from nowhere? I’m not buying it, John Morrison will not win the chamber.

R-Truth-People over there what’s up? Well what’s up is not giving my following statement a second thought, R-Truth will NOT win at Elimination Chamber.

He can’t be in here! He didn’t qualify! He’s a no good cheater, this is unfair!

Be on the look out for a man determined to end a certain streak at Wrestlemania. I heard he might pull an Edge from last week and get into the match and once again, lose. However this is what I heard might happen and the more I think about it the more logical it seems, Shawn Michaels v. Undertaker, Career v. Streak match.

Predicted Result: Chris Jericho def. 5 other men to win World Heavyweight Championship

Finally after a year of carrying the WWE, Chris Jericho will be getting a World Heavyweight Championship in return. Jericho is the likely favourite to win and I do not dispute it one bit, I see him going in, coming out champ and main eventing Wrestlemania with Edge.

Predicted Match Rating: 5 stars

WWE Championship: Sheamus(c) v. John Cena v. Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton v. Ted DiBiase v. Triple H(Raw Chamber)

Unlike the SmackDown chamber this one is not so easy to call. When you look at it you can almost come up with a million possibilities that can play out from this. Alright I’m exaggerating a bit. There is definitely not a million possibilities, but believe me there are tons of ways this can go. Now let’s take a look at the superstars and see how they will fare in this structure.

Sheamus-Sheamus has really been built up like a real champion. They were serious when they went through with this and this was not just going to be a joke champion. Especially considering the man is being backed by Triple H. He’s had some good momentum going into the match and as much as you may not want to hear it, there is a good chance Sheamus will leave the chamber still champion.

John Cena-Superman is in the building. Yes John Cena has arrived, but after Elimination Chamber will he arrive as a WWE Champion? The reality is, probably not. There is really no logical reason to have John Cena winning this match. He looks like he will be busy with Batista, Vince and Bret come Wrestlemania so he does not need a strap on him. Unless you want the WWE Champion to be the one helping Bret Hart take down the almighty Vince McMahon. Which is not a bad idea actually, but I can live without it.

Kofi Kingston-Despite how over Kofi Kingston may be with all of you people out there, I don’t see it. His moves are boring to me, his finisher is lame and a good high flyer he does not make. There is little chance that Kofi Kingston will leave Elimination Chamber as WWE Champion(thank goodness). Over time he will be ready for the title, but that time is not right now.

Randy Orton-The leader of the collapsed Legacy wants gold around his waist once more, but will he get it? The chances of Randy Orton picking up the title aren’t that bad actually. I doubt that the feud with Ted DiBiase or Rhodes/DiBiase(whichever it may be) will be one with a title, but you never know. One of them might pull a Sheamus and capture the title with absolutely no build up or full establishment. However for them to capture it Randy has to win it first, so this is without a doubt interesting.

Ted DiBiase-The man is priceless and seems to be getting his push. I for one like young Teddy more than Cody. Some say Cody has improved and is now better than Ted DiBiase(like Albert Dankwa), but I still prefer my boy Ted. The chances of him pulling a title out of nowhere are not that likely, but once again I remind you about the situation with Legacy. You never really know when or where the WWE decides to make their next big thing. Maybe it’ll be at Elimination Chamber.

Triple H-It’s time to play the game! This time the game will be played inside the Elimination Chamber, a match that has Triple H written all over it. Triple H is definitely the best when it comes to these matchups and he has left champion before including just last year. His chances this year aren’t too bad either especially with the possibility of facing Shawn Michaels in a WWE Championship match.

So we’ve gone through the men, now it’s not a easy choice here as I’m really stuck between two outcomes, but I’ll go with my gut.

Predicted Result: Sheamus def. 5 other men to retain WWE Championship

Yes I am saying that Sheamus is going to retain and go into his first Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. I know this may seem scary to some, but you have to accept that this guy is here and this guy is going to stay.

Predicted Match Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars

Divas Championship: Maryse v. Gail Kim

It’s an all Canadian matchup when it comes to the vacant Divas Championship. You have Maryse v. Gail Kim which has an interesting factor in it, Montreal v. Toronto. Gail Kim who is from Toronto will battle Maryse who is from Montreal. Any educated sports fan will know that Toronto and Montreal are bitter enemies in any sport you can really find. There’s just something there that makes the perfect rivalry.

Although that doesn’t mean this match is going to be necessarily good, but it means it’s got a little something already. Next factor is Maryse’s mission to regain the Divas Championship. For those who even have a small understanding of French you will know when Maryse confronted Gail Kim in the back with Kelly the statement she said in french was basically her telling Gail that she will win.

Maryse and Gail Kim are both great performers no doubt. I think considering this is a divas match we might get some good action here. No Kelly Kelly level wrestling, love her look, but I prefer her not in the ring or talking for that matter. Anyways back to our divas contest.

The match I believe shouldn’t last too long seeing that it’s a divas contest, but again we will get good wrestling from this. I think it’s pretty easy to see the clear winner. However you never know what Vinnie may be thinking. He may choose to make Maryse’s quest longer. You know he loves switching things up at the last minute, but you never know maybe there will be no surprises this time.

Keep it clean ladies!

Will this match necessarily be a clean competition? Despite Maryse saying that she wants a nice clean contest on Sunday, she is a heel after all. Can you really believe what a heel says? For those that actually said “yeah” to themselves I’m ashamed for you. Don’t be surprised to see a dirty tactic from Maryse used to win like possibly using the divas championship to knock down Gail for the 1, 2, 3.

Predicted Result: Maryse def. Gail Kim to capture Divas Championship

Going to stick with the obviously favoured result and say that Gail Kim loses the matchup handing Maryse what she has wanted for quite some time now, the divas championship.

Predicted Match Rating: 3 and 1/2 stars

Intercontinental Championship: Drew McIntyre(c) v. Kane

“Are you looking at the next Intercontinental Champion?” -Matt Striker

Probably not Matt. Yes Kane is built like a dominant force, but he is not used like one.

Kane is a man who chooses to elevate a young guy over giving himself a lengthy title reign. Although I respect that in a man it also means when it comes to a title match, he will most likely be on the losing end of things.

You also look on the other end, you have Drew McIntyre. The currently undefeated IC Champion. A man that was handpicked by Vince McMahon to be a future World Champion. So you got this young guy who’s receiving the push of his dreams and another who elevates the young superstars and helps them get over by making them look good.

Do the math people and you can easily see who is going to be the winner. Yes Kane has gotten the build up going into the matchup you still have to remember he is still Kane. The only way Kane is getting the title come Sunday is if they choose to take it off McIntyre to show that he is indeed beatable, but then have him win it back by absolutely destroying the Big Red Monster. Which storyline wise would definitely be a hard thing to do.

Kane looks furious, McIntyre better watch his back.

I think it would come to no surprise if Drew McIntyre cheated to win. It would definitely be character like and it would open up the possibility for this feud to continue and to further elevate this young man.

Any way that this match happens to turn out it will probably just end up elevating Drew McIntyre. I mean this is the WWE we are talking about, they’re not going to give Kane a belt and have him run with it, sadly.

Drew McIntyre def. Kane to retain Intercontinental Championship

Going to go with McIntyre winning the match for obvious reasons and I think this could be a great match without a doubt. Let’s hope the two do deliver.

Predicted Match Rating: 4 stars

Final Thoughts

Well look at that 4 matches on a PPV card. Either the Elimination Chambers are going to be really long or they’re going to possibly throw in one more matchup last minute. I’ll be on the lookout folks, but for now that is your Elimination Chamber pay per view preview. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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