Breaking News: MVP Out, Regal In For WWE NXT

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Breaking News: MVP Out, Regal In For WWE NXT

MVP will NOT be a trainer for the new WWE show, WWE NXT. William Regal has taken the place of MVP and will be training Skip Sheffield. No word as to why the change happened, but I think it is a good move. Regal is a crafty veteran of the business and is one of the better technical wrestlers of today. He may not be the most over wrestler in WWE, but the man knows how to wrestle a match. MVP just didn't seem like trainer material. He's charismatic, but isn't the most over guy. He also isn't that impressive in the ring when you talk actual technical wrestling. So, my personal take, Sheffield got an upgrade in a trainer. What do you think?

As for the picture, I could just imagine Regal making that kind of face when the announcement was made. Like, yes, more money and another subject I can get to do my dirty work. Or, on the flip side, damn, I got to waste my talent and train some nobody who'll probably have a more successful run than me. You decide.

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