Sundin is Still Waiting!

Riley ButlerCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2008

I wish that Mats would make up his mind. I am a huge Sundin fan, but I want what I think is better for the Leafs Organisation, and to me what's best is for the Leafs legend to sign with a different team and open up the team's budget. They need more money to spend on a younger player who is a superstar, I mean it seems like every team has that one superstar. Toronto has Sundin as their best but I don't think that he is good enough for a best player, look at the rest of his team, yeah, not a whole lot of talent there. So being the best on the Leafs is not that great of an honour.

Overall I hope that Mats Sundin makes a good decision to leave the Leafs and go win a Stanley Cup in a now better franchise and let the Leafs be a team of the future and sign a younger, better player.