Money In The Back Not Being Showcased at Mania?

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2010

According to various websites, with WWE having their very own Money in the Bank pay-per-view on July 18th, there will not be a Money in the Bank match come WrestleMania. In the backstage area, this has been a big concern for wrestlers as they might lose out on the big payday that one gets for being apart of the show. Randy Orton has been rumored at have gotten $700,000 just for his match against Triple H. While the guys in the MITB match would get as much as Orton, that number just shows how important wrestling on the biggest stage is financially for any given wrestler.

This is only a rumor, of course. Fans and wrestlers alike should find out if the match is indeed canceled at Mania as qualifying matches are scheduled to take place on Raw. If it is canceled, the plans for the Money in the Bank PPV would have qualfying matches throughout the night with the winners going on to fight later in the night in the MITB match. I'd wager to say that the Raw and/or Smackdown title will be defended at that show, just so the last qualifying member would have enough time to recover before wrestling in the main event.

While it might seem like a good chunk of wrestlers could lose their big payday, WWE would still put out some type of match to fill that spot. Hopefully, wrestling fans won't get bombarded with more celebrity plug-ins come Mania (we get enough of that on Raw), but instead, we see some title defenses on the show. Last year, the Unified Tag Title match was bumped to the dark match, which shouldn't have happened. Fingers crossed, depending on if Miz still is holding onto both belts or not, we get to see at least one of those titles heavily showcased on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Also, the Intercontinental Championship got a very poor showing at Mania last year. I understand why, of course, but it would be nice to see one of the most prestigious titles in the history of this great business to have the match mean a lot more and showcase some great young, or experienced, talent. I expect Drew to retain against Kane on Sunday and go into Mania as champion. Christian is going to need a feud when he debuts on Smackdown, so Drew against Christian would be a perfect pairing.

While this may seem like a downer to a lot of people who enjoy the MITB match at Mania, the fan response to have its own PPV was outstanding. WWE would have to be dumb to not see if a PPV based on the MITB match alone could draw. And I do like the decision. Just don't give me watered down/overrated singers take up a good part of the time or allow C list celebrities plug their product. Give us longer matches with meaning and feeling. You do that, I, for one, will not be disappointed that the Money in the Bank match isn't showcased at Mania.