TNA: Impact React Volume Six

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IFebruary 20, 2010

Welcome welcome to the sixth edition of "Impact React," your source for all the news and rumors within TNA. Each week I discuss all the hot topics and these week we had some big ones.

As I reported last weekend when Kurt Angle himself broke the news, TNA has officially announced they will move to Monday nights starting March 8.

We're coming off the heels of Against All Odds with a new No. 1 contender for Lockdown. Lots of news this week as well regarding behind-the-scenes issues within TNA.

Without any further waiting, let's hop into the news for this week!

Hogan Returns To Ring

It's become widely known that come March 8, Hulk Hogan will step back into the ring. Hogan hasn't wrestled since his "Hulkamania" tour in Australia last year and reports from those events said that he wasn't anywhere near being good in the ring. Hogan is well past any level of decency in the ring and will simply be a novelty act of sorts.

I guess this is to raise viewership for the big live Monday night iMPACT and maybe it will work. I doubt anyone will tune in to see a great Hogan match as he hasn't had one in some time. Instead it will be that of nostalgia and yesteryear.

Hopefully this is a one-time deal, as a full-time Hogan return would only further damage the man's health and take away a roster spot from someone able-bodied.

Hardy Status

Jeff Hardy hasn't been seen since the big Jan. 4 iMPACT . Hardy is awaiting a court date of March 17 involving his numerous drug charges.

It's said that if his legal issues are resolved, TNA has a contract waiting for him. Of course whether they could get him to sign it is another matter all together.

If Hardy does join TNA, would it be full time? He has a long history of sketchy attendance as well as performance in the ring.

With so many problems outside the ring I for one feel it's a wrong move by TNA. If it goes sour, and chances are it will, it would only hurt TNA. With this being a key point in their operation, why risk it?

All X Division No Longer

As I reported last week, Destination X was to be an all X Division PPV. That has changed. It will now only heavily feature the X Division including an "Ultimate X" match.

Internal word from TNA said that if they went with an all X Division PPV, it would resemble that of an indy show.

The X Division doesn't have the stars it used to as they have either left the company or moved on to new roles. The X Division is perhaps the weakest it's ever been so to give it a three hour PPV would be overkill.

Maybe this will lead to a strengthening of the division but that would require drastic roster changes. Something TNA probably won't want to do at this juncture.

Orlando Jordan On The Cutting Room Floor

Orlando Jordan filmed a segment for iMPACT this week that didn't make TV. It involved his new male valet touching him in a sexual manner. Jordan is doing a bisexual gimmick in TNA. It should be noted that Jordan is openly bisexual in his personal life.

Eric Bischoff is reportedly high on Jordan so this could mean Jordan gets a significant push in the company. Obviously, TNA wants to push the envelope as bisexuality and any sort of homosexual tones invoke strong opinions with people.

However, personally I don't think Jordan has the charisma to pull it off and it will just be another botched angle by TNA.

Steiner Situation

Scott Steiner is gone from TNA but a reason why hasn't been released. The rumor going around is that a contract was not offered due to real-life issues between Steiner and Ric Flair.

Flair is viewed as more important and vital to the company. Apparently Steiner is viewed as being too unprofessional to keep his personal opinions to himself. If that is the case, then smart move on TNA as Flair does hold a bigger name in 2010 than Steiner. 

If this is the end of Steiner's career which I don't think it is, then it's been one hell of a ride. Steiner has always been controversial but also incredibly entertaining, from his borderline offensive and incoherent promos to his excellent in ring work during the early 90's.

Angle Injured?

Kurt Angle has requested a lighter work schedule due to him nursing calf and back injuries. While not serious to keep him out of the ring they are nagging him. Angle requested the schedule time in order to heal up but some within TNA feel he should take time away from the company.

With the move to Monday nights, TNA without Angle isn't a good thing but props to Angle for putting his health before the company. Right now it doesn't seem though that Angle will actually leave TV.

It Pays to be The Pope

At Against All Odds this past weekend, D'Angelo Dinero emerged as the new No. 1 contender and will face AJ Styles at Lockdown. With Lockdown not being the next PPV, lets hope that TNA uses the time to actually build up a feud between the two.

Dinero is being pushed into the role with force as TNA has booked itself into a corner with challengers for Styles' championship.

Dinero should be able to have a pretty good match with Styles but he's not a draw one bit. The live crowd might like him, but as far as an actual ratings draw he simply isn't one.

TNA will really need to build him up with promo time, angles, and strong matches in order for people to order PPV's to see Dinero face off with Styles. Dinero will have to be a big part of the move to Monday nights, so TNA is certainly putting faith in his abilities.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the article and please leave a comment below with your thoughts on any of this week's rumors and news. Have a great week, everyone, and I'll see you next weekend for more news and rumors in TNA!