Michigan Football Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis

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Michigan Football Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis
Hey Guys,

What does Barwis mean when he says they do things that other programs don’t do ... if you might know ... also how are the winter conditioning workouts different then the summer ones? Are they harder as well? How do the freshmen adapt to it this quickly compared to the other guys or are they on a different workout program until they learn what they are doing?

What do you guys think are the best things about Barwis? Also what do you think he will help out the most for the Michigan program.

Just found this blog ... very good blog and I went through many of the archives as well ... great stuff guys.


Thanks for the question and thanks for the comments about the blog. Best thing about Coach Barwis is that he establishes relationships with his players. He gets them to believe in him and themselves. What helps is he backs up everything he says. Actions and performance always speaks louder than words. He actually shows the guys what he wants and does it as well so you have a person that will not only show you, but do the work as well. It is similar to the Army, but the instructor actually goes through the drill.

What Coach Barwis told us as the spring clinic was that his focus was different from most teams. He is more about core strength and developing ability to transfer energy through that core to where it is needed. He said yes, we are going to get bigger and stronger, but that will only be about 20% of our overall program.

Generally speaking the biggest differences between in season S & C and out of season is twofold.

*****First is Michigan will not do as much running that will be done as part of overall practice.

*****Second will be that the length of time spent on S & C. One other difference Coach Barwis talked about was in season training. Coach Barwis said he expected his players to continue to get stronger during the season. Some programs will taper off their strength training during season. Coach Barwis stated he expected his players to keep gaining strength, and in fact, his players at West Virginia set personal records of 500 lbs in the clean during the season.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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