"The Re-Birth of "The Dynasty""

Fredrick Wilson IIContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many articles covering the San Francisco 49ers from my unique point of view. Just to recap, the 49ers are in fact, the most successful NFL franchise of the Super Bowl era. Five titles in five attempts, and the only franchise with multiple wins and no losses. The 49ers are the undisputed "Team of the Decade" for the 1980's, however it stands to be noted that we won more games than any team in the 1990's as well. Sure Dallas may have walked away with three Lombardi's but that was mainly due to the fact that the Minnesota Vikings orchestrated the dumbest transaction in sports history, but that'll be discussed at a later date.

Now that the '09 season is officially in the books, I see no need in doing a full season recap. Congratulations to the Saints for winning their first championship, however, I want to serve notice to the entire league that "San Fran6co" is an inevitability, get familiar!

A lot of people ask what I think the 49ers need to do this offseason in order to make the postseason. Put simply, the 49ers need to do less. We have 22 starters in place to take our division back from the Cardinals and to make some serious noise in January(and dare I say February). Our defense is severely underrated and only needs more production from our offensive to catapult them into one of the leagues top defenses. Our offensive is loaded with playmakers, and I believe that Alex Smith has the tools to lead them, as long as he isn't forced to learn yet another offensive scheme during the off-season.

As I embark on my quest for journalistic immortality, so to do the 49ers begin their rise back to our rightful place as the NFL's best team.