Tiger's Apology: A Woman's Point of View

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Tiger's Apology: A Woman's Point of View
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I know that you are going to read a lot of statements from mainly men saying they believe Tiger Woods’ and how he is now made amends with his statement; I’m not sure I buy it yet.



I saw Tiger’s apology and at this point, I wasn’t feeling it. I’m not saying the man wasn’t sincere in what he was saying, but he didn’t come off as sincere.



To me personally, he came off as stiff and at times defiant. I wanted to see no prepared statement, I wanted to see Tiger come from the heart and I wanted to see some tears. He came off as scripted and prepared like he was testifying.



You know why a lot of people brought what Kobe Bryant was saying years ago, it’s because he came out there with his wife, unprepared, and cried like a baby. When Kobe did that even though he was VERY wrong, I believed he was sincere.


As a woman, I was glad to see that Elin Woods did not get up there and pretend things are ok with her and her husband. She didn’t stand by her man as some may think she should have; she stood her ground by staying away.


Tiger should have came out right away and did this, not wait three months and let double digit mistresses come out before making a public statement.


I understand the need to protect his wife and kids, but quite frankly he brought this ON them. You think TMZ is going to stop following his family because he said something?


Not likely. Look I appreciate Tiger trying to make amends for messing up and admitting it, but it might be a day late and a dollar short for a lot of people.


The true test of whether Tiger will change is not going to be through some prepared statement, it will be by his actions; and trust me the world will be watching whether he wants them to or not.




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