UFC 110 Live From Australia

Greg RiotAnalyst IFebruary 19, 2010

The UFC takes its traveling road show down under to Sydney Australian, and despite the 16-hour time-difference, the UFC 110 PPV will air at its normal time of 10pm EST. However, please note two of the original competitors are off the card. Big Ben Rothwell (Staph Infection) and Elvis Sinosic (shoulder) won’t be fighting, which will leave Mirko Cro-Cop and Chris Haseman without opponents. 

The main event features a heavyweight contender’s fight between Cain Velasquez and Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira. The card's co-main event features a middleweight fight between the Axe Murderer Wanderlai Silva and Michael “The Count” Bisping.

UFC 110 Odds provided by BetUS.com


Three Round Heavyweight Fight
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira           -110
Cain Velasquez                            -120

This fight features two heavyweights I love; you have MMA legend Minotauro Nogueira and the young bull Cain Velasquez in a fight to determine the No. 1 contender for the heavyweight title. Nogueira is only 33-years-old, but it seems like he’s been around forever. He was the first Pride Heavyweight Champion and the only man to win the Heavyweight title in both Pride and the UFC. When you talk about MMA heavyweight legends, he’s always the third fighter mentioned after Fedor and Randy Couture. He gets respect, but looking at his list of accomplishments, he deserves more.

Cain Velasquez is a young wrestler fighting with the American Kickboxing Academy. He’s undefeated, and he’s only had one fight go the distance. He’s coming into this fight about 20lbs heavier than Nogueira, and I think that will be the difference. As I mentioned, Nogueira is only 33, but his body has been through too many wars to keep up with the young bull

Being a BJJ fighter, he will have to take some punishment while he waits for his opening to submit Velasquez. That strategy works well when you are a younger fighter, but the human body can only take so many beatings before it says enough is enough. This fight won’t go the distance, and Velasquez will expose Nogueira as being over the hill at 33.

Pick: Cain Velasquez


Three Round Middleweight Fight
Wanderlei Silva                                 -145
Michael Bisping                               +115

Speaking of fighters whose odometer has clicked over one too many times, Wanderlai Silva has reached his limit. Silva has lost five of his past six fights, and Michael Bisping will make it seven of the past eight. Silva can still sell tickets, but he can no longer win fights and take advantage of the underdog money on “The Count”.

Pick: Michael “The Count” Bisping


Three Round Lightweight Fight
Joe Stevenson                  -260
George Sotiropoulos      +200

The UFC is very good at including local flavor on their fight cards. When they are in Montreal, they make sure that at least a couple of Canadians are fighting. Australia is no different. George Sotiropoulos was born and raised in the state of Victoria, Australia. He has a nice record (13-2) but he’s hasn’t beaten any of the top contenders. He gets his chance Saturday night when he faces Joe “Daddy” Stevenson.

Stevenson has beaten some of the nice midlevel contenders, but he has become a gatekeeper in the middleweight division. If you beat Stevenson, you can work your way into a title shot. If you can’t, you stay on the undercard. I’m not letting the +200 odds scare me off George Sotiropoulos, and they shouldn’t scare you either. Look for George Sotiropoulos to win this one by submission.

Pick: George Sotiropoulos


Three Round Light Heavyweight Fight
Ryan Bader         -160
Keith Jardine      +130

This fight features two more fighters I like; Ryan “Darth” Bader won the Ultimate Fighter Season 8, knocking out World Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Champion Vinny Magalhaes in the finale. He’s gone to a decision in the following two fights against lesser competition than Keith Jardine. Jardine has lost his past two fights, taking Rampage the distance and getting caught with a solid punch by Thiago Silva. Jardine, like Stevenson, has become a gatekeeper in the light heavyweight division, and Ryan Bader should bust down the gate Saturday night.

Pick: Ryan Bader