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JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IFebruary 19, 2010

Is there anything better than cheering for America?  Ten years ago, I would have wagered that I could live to be one million years old and never watch one second of snowboarding.  Wednesday night, I was standing, cheering, and chanting USA along with the crowd after Shaun White annihilated the crap out of the competition in the snowboarding finals.  You never know what’s going to garner your interest I guess.  Who knows, I may be grabbing courtside WNBA season tickets by 2020.

Anyways, with Tiger Woods set to give the most prepared press conference in history tomorrow, the Top 7 takes a look at the most uncomfortable press conferences of all-time.  Note: it must have been a scheduled press conference with a podium, so Hal McRae is out, as is Lee Elia.

7. Dennis Green

This particular press conference was only four years ago, but it could easily have been 100.  Matt Leinart was the quarterback for the Cardinals, and the Bears were a seemingly unstoppable team.  You could probably more call this one a “most confusing” press conference nominee.

6. Mike Piazza
Even before the Internet became near to the level of the never-ending cycle of rumor and legend that it is today, Mike Piazza still needed to call a press conference simply to let everyone know that he wasn’t gay.  You know what’d be a great idea?  If they actually made this part of a movie.  Actually, they did.  The movie “Valentine’s Day” features a storyline about a football player who announces that he is gay.  “Valentine’s Day” is the worst movie of all-time.  Please do not go.  It’s not even worth going to see how bad it is.  There has honestly never been a worse movie ever made.  I can’t judge actors for anything, but a small paper bag could act better than Taylor Swift.  This movie makes “You’ve Got Mail” look like “The Fugitive.”

5. Jason Giambi
Giambi managed to apologize for using steroids without ever mentioning what he was apologizing for.  Afterwards, the media went into an insane frenzy, calling him out repeatedly and consistently for weeks on end about his non-confession, and bashing him non-stop for not being man enough to completely and totally admit all that he did and how wrong it was.  Oh wait…that’s only how they treat Mark McGwire after he admits to five million times more than anyone else in the history of baseball and steroids.  My fault.

4. John Chaney and John Calipari
Since two big-time college coaches almost came to blows, one may argue that this should be at the top of the list.  Point taken.  But since the fight wasn’t directly related to a question that was asked, and was more of a these-two-guys-hate-each-other moment, it’s hard in good conscious to throw it any higher than this.  There needs to be more coach fights nowadays.


3. Bobby Knight
There are several to choose from.  There was the one where someone told the reporters that Knight wasn’t going to make it.  He did, and then ridiculed the guy in front of everyone.  There was the one where he demonstrated what game faces were.  There was the one where he was asked if he was outcoached, and he responded with a rant that ended “are you going to be outwritten tomorrow?”  Then there are all of the other ones that he has given that included dozens of f-bombs, embarrassing people, and just overall douchiness.

2. Mike Tyson
You can basically take your pick with Tyson too, but the one that stands out the most for me is when he responded to a question asked by a female reporter by saying that he “doesn’t talk to girls” unless he “fornicates with them.”  He then asked if she wanted to fornicate.   Not even his scripted WWF press conferences were that uncomfortable.

1. Jim Mora
Not only is it the most uncomfortable, but it may be the most famous.  The word “playoffs” has never had the same meaning.  If you say it in a sentence, there is a 97% chance that someone’s doing the Mora “playoffs” within the next four seconds.

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