Teammate or Trader, Detroit's New Star Chooses Glory over Gold

Jansyn CraigCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

After what was almost a perfect year playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Marian Hossa decides to pack up his bag and leave the Steel city for Motown.

This move was one of the most studied signings so far.  Marian who played against the Detroit Red Wings for Pittsburgh in this past years Stanley cup finals turned down all offers from Pittsburgh by saying he just wanted to test the market.  But all along he had the intentions to betray his old team.  Oddly enough it was not for money, but the thought that he had a better chance to win the cup with Detroit.

He signed a one year $7.45 million dollar contract.  Other teams such as Edmonton offered much more rewarding contracts.  Edmonton jumped in offering $9 million a year, for multiple years.

I believe that Hossa is obviously going insane.  Thinking that the Red Wings have a better chance to repeat then the Penguins winning.  Hossa probably went to the Red Wings due to their international side having more European players then any other team.

Pittsburgh will be waiting to play Detroit, and it might even involve some head-hunting.  There is a good chance Brooks Orpik and Marian Hossa will have a few collisions with Orpik getting the upper-hand.  Throughout next year it should be fun to see whether Hossa's choice will pay off or bite him in the butt.