TNA Impact and Hogan Fail To Deliver Yet Again

christopher velasquezContributor IIFebruary 19, 2010

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 27:  TNA President Dixie Carter and wrestler Hulk Hogan attends the launch of his book 'My Life Outside the Ring' at Madison Square Garden on October 27, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

   It appears that finally WWE RAW will get some competition from another wrestling promotion. TNA has managed to get Spike TV to allow them to go head to head with WWE's flagship program. Despite the fact that WWE broadcasts Smackdown, Raw, Superstars, NXT on a weekly basis TNA believes that their Impact show could give RAW a run for their money. It seems impossible but the last couple of Impact tapings had been getting better. This all changed though for the worst this week.

   TNA simply cannot get away from their poorly acted back stage segments. I was very hopefull that they would limit these segments but it appears that they will not. Bishoff is featured talking throughout most of the broadcase in segments that are very poor. I happend to watch Impact with a first time TNA viewer and he made the comment about how stupid the back stage segments were. There is no reason for Bishoff to be on the program so much.

   The biggest problem that I had with Impact was that they are revolving the show around Bishoff, Hall, and Waltman. I do not see how they can rival any of the storylines currently in WWE and that is a very sad thing. It also appears that Abyss has been made into a idiot wrestler when he should be a monster. I enjoyed the promo with Hogan and Abyss and I truly hope that this will get the character of Abyss back on track.

   The fact is that if TNA keeps on producing bad programming they will get crushed by WWE. They need to focus on the good talent that they have and use the legends to build them up. If Bishoff was taken off the television and more television time was given to the young talent they would be in great shape. I dont know if it is a ego thing but Bishoff has no buisness appearing throughout the entire show.