Canadian Teams Do Well? Not So Much...

Aaron DunnCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

In general, it's safe to say that Canadian hockey teams are having a bit of a rough time with free agency this year.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not been able to lure any notable names at all. But many of us expected more of a buyout session than anything. Jeff Finger's 4-yr 14$ million is a bit of a burn for a guy who has played under 100 regular season games. Nicklas Hagman for 4yr 12$ million isn't all that bad.

At least both are relatively young. The trade for Grabovsky is a complete burn. Having Cujo back will certainly be interesting, but I think he will be a positive influence in their young dressing room.

Vancouver just lost Markus Naslund, so there is a major leadership void there now. So who's next? Mats Sundin perhaps? Just like Toronto, the next captain will be replacing a fan-favourite and great leader.

Calgary has maintained their status quo, but they likely would like to have Wade Redden right about now.

Edmonton has been the most intriguing Canadian team so far. Kevin Lowe has been brilliant so far, aquiring solid players in return for a few Oilers who under-achieved and just plain needed a change of scenery.

Erik Cole is what the Oilers need to accompany the likes of Hemsky and the rest of the gang - a big, fast and physical forward with good hands. He'll make some room for Cogliano and Gagner.

Ottawa hasn't done much. We all knew that Wade Redden was leaving so no huge surprises here.

Montreal made their big splash at the draft in aquiring Alex Tanguay. He didn't quite work out for the Flames, so it was a good trade for both teams, but the Habs will get the immediate payoff from that trade.