NBA Trade News: Tracy McGrady Swapped, Houston Rockets Get a New Look

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NBA Trade News: Tracy McGrady Swapped, Houston Rockets Get a New Look
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Soon after Tracy McGrady's huge debacle with the Rockets Organization, they started having trouble winning games. Well, not winning games, more like finishing out games. Then people started saying how taking out McGrady was a bad idea and they should just let him play. Charles Barkley even went as far to say that the Rockets Organization was disrespecting McGrady.

I do not really like the trade deadline because of the many random trade rumors, and other reasons in which you can find here . But many of them have involved McGrady due to the fact that he was not playing and the Houston Rockets were not able to finish out games.

In the End, McGrady was traded in a three-way deal that allowed the Rockets to get hold of Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, and the dreadful Jared Jeffries. The sad part of this was that the Houston Rockets lost fan favorite Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey. Oh, and we get to get rid of McGrady.

This trade has its pros and cons, but Morey decided to play it safe and to try to continue to fight for a playoff spot this year rather than see them slowly get out of the playoff picture in hopes for a second tier name (AKA not Lebron, Kobe, DWade).
I personally do not like Kevin Martin that much. His defense is probably worse than McGrady’s defense, he also has a history of bad injuries, and his jump shot is sort of funny looking. But nonetheless, he can get to the line and has shown he has a knack for putting the ball into the hoop. Though he does not do much other than score, it could be what the Houston Rockets need to push for that 8th seed in the playoffs this April.

To be honest, I have not really watched Hill that much so what I write about him is based on what I’ve seen in a few videos. I think he has talent, but he was buried by D’Antoni and barely played (totaling for 24 games). I believe he could be somewhat useful in Adelman’s system as long as he is willing to listen. Though I could be entirely wrong, and he could suck like Brian Cook (they do have the same number after all).
For the Knicks, they got what the player the wanted. For the Kings, they get the tough Carl Landry who has been a fan favorite in Houston, and will continue to become one in Sacramento.

So in conclusion, the Rockets played it safe and got their wing scorer (Martin) and a hopeful prospect to replace Carl Landry (Hill). If both work out the way Morey hopes, we could see the Houston Rockets in the playoffs. Oh, and some people are going to have to change their numbers (Martin, 23) (Hill, 43) or (Cook, 43)

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