Who Has Been Pushed Better Since Their Split: The Miz Or John Morrison?

John PaprikaContributor IFebruary 19, 2010

The Miz and John Morrison were one of the best tag teams in more recent times. They added a great level of credibility to the dwindling tag team division and had a strong level of chemistry. They split shortly after Wrestlemania 25 as The Miz and John Morrison were drafted on Raw and Smackdown respectively. My question to readers is who do you think has received a greater push out of the two? Here is my case for each one.

John Morrison: Since being drafted to Smackdown John Morrison turned face and has continued to be popular with audiences. In a few short months he won the IC title in a stellar match with Rey Mysterio. What I feel in one sense that Morrison has the edge over The Miz is that he has done more in terms of the world title scene. Morrison had picked up a couple of victories over CM Punk when he was the reigning champ, has received a world title shot in a good match with Jeff Hardy and now has the chance at the title again in the Elimination Chamber match.

The Miz: He continues to rise and rise. His in ring skills have improved greatly and is now cutting some of the best promos in the WWE today. He has also had feuds with arguably the top guy in the WWE today in John Cena. What I feel he has the edge over his ex tag team partner is that he has been given a longer run with the US title than what Morrison had with the IC title. The Miz is now a dual champ with the Us and tag title. Also, to me it seems that Morrison has jobbed more to mid level guys than what the Miz has. Morrison has lost to Drew McIntyre on several occasions as well as Dolph Ziggler while The Miz, even though he has jobbed to Kofi on several occasions, I feel Kofi is at a better level than McIntyre and Ziggler. In their recent encounters The Miz has also come on top of Morrison as well like their match at Bragging Rights and Survivor Series.

I would like to know what you think. Who has been given a greater push. I welcome all comments whether they're positive or negative.