Tiger Woods Issues Are Not Our Fault And Don't Let Anyone Blame You

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IFebruary 18, 2010

Here is an article Jason Whitlock posted about Tiger Woods. Read it if you would like then come back and get why I think Whitlock completely disagree with him.

First of all, why does Whitlock ALWAYS bring up race:

Armed with the supposition that this brown-skinned golfer has irreversibly harmed an attractive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed white woman, much of the sports media have turned Elin Nordegren into Natalee Holloway and reached for ratings and relevancy by traveling the route paved by Nancy Grace.


He had more racial stuff at the end of the article again twisting race into a non racial issue.


He then calls out Herm Edwards and Rick Reilly. He takes a shot at Reilly for trying to get attention from Bill Simmons fans:


ESPN killed sports journalism. It hired, overpaid and showered our best and brightest with fame, turning many of them into jig-dancing clowns unprepared to insightfully examine the sports world they allegedly cover.


What this tells me is Whitlock has his own agenda against the world wide leader. Sorry you’re at Fox sports which is not even on ESPNs radar and your articles don’t get nearly the hits that Simmons or Reilly do. Don't accuse others of an agenda when you obviously have your own.



Moving on to the actuall point of this article which I don’t know if it was just a way to deliver his own racial agenda as always.


For me this is not about the fact that  everyone does this so its not as big a deal. He brings up what Phelps did along with other athletes. I think we all get that many athletes cheat, but people are held to different standards given where they are in the hierarchy of life. The Vice President can get away with more than the President. I can get away with more than my boss, who can get away with more than our CEO.


Tiger was THE (and will still be but has lost ground) top athlete in the world. He makes it seem like WE ARE CRAZY for being outraged. Well, no we are not because Tiger created this image for himself. I wouldn’t be as shocked if this was John Daly. Tiger did this to himself by creating an image that was completely not who he is, then getting to the top of the mountain where his expectations are greater and then showing the world that his image was a fraud. That is what happened.


Please don't insult me by bringing in the fact that Mick Jagger bedded so many people as a comparison. Mick Jaggers IMAGE is on that concept along with being a singer. He is a rock star, that’s what makes them who they are. They have different standards. Tiger was (made himself look it to us at least) a clean cut family man with kids dedicated to his sport. I think the only part of that that was true was the dedicated to his sport aspect.

He says this:

We're outraged and stunned that Tiger has had a dozen alleged affairs. The typical rock or movie star is laughing and/or questioning Tiger's sexuality if the golfer limited himself to a number below 50 since marriage and 500 in his post-puberty lifetime.

Don’t make me feel bad for how I perceive Tiger now after what HE did. This is the truth now and we were lied to for 14 years, not vice versa. His fans are the victims here don’t make it seem like TIGER is the victim just because others do this so its ok.


Just because others do it doesn’t make it right. Again Tiger has higher standards than the regular man or the regular athlete for that matter.


John Saley is quoted in this..JOHN FREAKING SALEY "You play golf to drink with your boys, smoke cigars and talk about (sex)," former NBA player John Salley told me Wednesday. "And now we're surprised that a golfer was having sex. We think Tiger is the only one. Why are we treating Tiger like he's elected to public office? He plays golf, man."


Tiger likes to keep a distance from rest of the tour players because he doesn’t want to let them feel like he is one of them. He wants them to fear him because he is above him. Well if you want be perceived as being greater than the rest, act like it. What Whitlock is doing here is making him seem like he is just another man, when we know Tiger's goal was not to be - JUST ANOTHER MAN - although he proved to be just that.


Whitlock also states: Somehow we think our job is to uphold the myths, protect the squeaky image of the games and trash the competitors whose failings (steroids) show the public what the games truly are (a staged performance for profit).


Once again, Tiger created his own squeaky clean image. I know, and we all know that these people are just men who all do "wrong" things and make mistakes. However this backlash is Tiger Wood's fault. He created his "false" image and he, Tiger Wood's failed his image. He lied to us.