Could this be the year for Kansas State Football?

jeff johnsonContributor IJuly 3, 2008

After a disappointing 2007 campaign you have to wonder what has happened to this once-great program.

And also, what will happen in the future. As for myself I wonder how the offense will fair without Jordy Nelson, how the defense will survive without Rob Jackson, Justin McKinney, and Marcus Watts.

What about all the assistant coaches that walked out on the team this year. Will they even be able to scrap together five victories?

Coach Prince took a desperation gamble this off season by signing over 30 Junior College players.

The move could be a smart one. But, it could also be very ugly if things don't go smoothly for this team.

My outlook on the season is simply this: we need to win seven games and every thing including a victory over rival Kansas.

Prince has never beat Kansas, and the way the two programs are changing you wonder if he ever will.

Also there needs to be a steady improvements made on this team, week by week. If those expectations aren't filled I must suspect Coach Prince to be unemployed or at least on the hot seat.