Big Bad Habs?

Matt EichelSenior Writer IJuly 3, 2008

Add a little toughness, get a little respect.

At least that's what Bob Gainey has in mind after bringing in Quebec native Georges Laraque.  Three years split across his $4.5 million salary and the Canadiens have finally put a fighter that can also score in the ranks.

Now you might say 'Hey wait a minute...what about Kostopolous?'  Tom only dropped the gloves a handful of times and can be described, at best, as a gritty third/fourth liner with the occasional goal deep inside.

With Laraque, there's not only a presence of intimidation and possibly fear, but it adds something the Canadiens have been needing for so long - size.

Gainey may not have the reins pulled in on Mats Sundin yet, but he has increased the Canadiens size with acquiring both Laraque and Alex Tanguay, both players are over six feet.

Along with Marc Denis helping along young goaltender Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak on a two-way deal for a year, the Canadiens seem to have put together a good deal.  As well as trading away problem winger Mikhail Grabovski to the Leafs for a steady young defenseman and a late round pick, the Canadiens are improving and growing.

And Laraque signed despite feelings that he didn't want to play in Montreal because of all the pressure players feel when playing in the hockey mad city.  But now he's here...and here for a while.

Now we wait for the next move.