Philadelphia 76ers: Rumor Mill—Rasheed Wallace Coming Home?

Tom DillardCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

After the Detroit Pistons series lost to the Boston Celtics, General Manager Joe Dumars announced that every member of the Detroit Pistons roster was on the trading block. Everyone was available and he would be listening to calls.

This sparked some interest on Philadelphia talk radio. Rasheed Wallace? Richard "Rip" Hamilton?

Almost everyone wants Rasheed; not many want Rip.

This is an interesting thought. Bringing a Philly kid home.

There has not been any trade rumors that I have heard that involve 'Sheed's name.

The key thing is that the 76ers are $11 million under the cap. They will most likely sign Atlanta's Josh Smith to an offer sheet.

If the Hawks match the offer, this is an interesting scenario. Under Wallace's current contract, he has one year left in which he will make roughly $13.6 million, according to So, there would have to be a trade.

With Wallace's one year left, it would be as though they were borrowing him but paid a price for the rental. They would have him for one year.

If things don't work out, let him go. If things work out, then resign him.

Rasheed Wallace has had trouble everywhere he has gone. UNC, Portland Jail-blazers and the Detroit Pistons.

My question is: if he were in his hometown with his friends and family watching every night, would he have the same problems?

So, I want to say to Ed Stefanski, If things don't work out with Josh Smith, make a run at Rasheed Wallace!!!