This Just In: Yankees Are A Lazy And Inconsistent Team!

Rain ManCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2008

I'm sorry. I love the Yankees, but they are just nothing but a bunch of lazy bums!

They go from scoring 18 runs in a game, to completely get shut down by Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox 7-0.

The Yankees played with no passion, no intensity, no fire, and no heart like the 1996-2001 Yankee teams. It's pathetic!

Also, the Red Sox lost five in a row before this game, they were swept on the road by the first place Tampa Bay Rays again. In fact, the Red Sox were a bad road team. Give credit to the Red Sox today, they wanted it more. The Yankees just don't care anymore.

Joe Girardi, motivate your team before it's too late. Win now, or we will be watching the playoffs from home for the first time since the strike, and, watch the Rays, White Sox, Angels, and the Red Sox, Twins, Tigers, or A's play some October baseball.