Leave Tiger Woods Alone

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IFebruary 18, 2010

No, I am not trying to do my best Chris Crocker impression. But, the easiest way I can sum up what I have to say about the way Tiger Woods has been treated the past few months is: leave Tiger Woods alone.

I am not a golf fan, at all. I respect the sport and recognize it's popularity here in the United States. Having said that, I am not a Tiger Woods fan either. I never cared much for his multi-million dollar endorsements or his assault on professional golf history.

Since the accident at his Florida home, Tiger Woods has fallen in the court of public opinion faster than Bill Clinton. The women who have come forth claiming Woods had an affair with them or incredibly serious, and worst of all, likely true.

The only thing that has appalled me more than Tiger Woods' actions, are the actions we the people have taken since finding out Tiger Woods was human. The fashion in which Woods has been taken down is unprecedented and shameful.

The Media in particular has lost a great amount of respect from me, then again the media has constantly been losing my respect for years now. ESPN has been playing recordings of 911 phone calls, voice messages, and has been showing extremely private and personal text messages that pertain to Tiger Woods.

That is simply wrong.

How many of us have ever had a serious 911 phone call? For those of you that have, I am sure you will agree with me that a 911 phone call is one of the most personal and confidential calls you have ever made in your life.

Can you imagine if your 911 phone call was playing on a loop in SportsCenter for a week?

Or what about voice messages?

Or how about text messages? We all use texting, and we can all agree that text messages are extremely personal. Ninety-five percent of our texts are never read by anybody else besides you and the person you have sent it to.

Can you imagine if your text messages were posted all over the Internet?

The embarrassment is unreal.

The way Tiger Woods has been treated is completely disrespectful to his privacy and his right as an American.

In a statement released by Woods informing us of his press conference this Friday he said "while I believe the situation is fundamentally between my wife and I, I realize I have let many people down."

No statement could be farther from the truth. The issue is a family issue, and should be dealt between Woods and his family, and only those Woods chooses to seek help from.

I remember when my mother and father split up, it was 100 percent a family issue. No friends, co-workers, or Facebook groups were to be involved in it. For Woods, his family issue now includes all of America.

The disrespect of Woods runs so deep, that Ernie Els has actually called the most important press conference in Tiger Woods' life selfish.

What happened to forgiveness? What happened to not beating a man while he was down? What happened to privacy?

In a world where we are entranced by the every move of celebrities and their so-called perfect lives. We easily forget that they are human beings just like us. So when a celebrity falls from grace, they are lambs to the slaughter.

If Tiger Woods' incident has proven anything to me, it is that we don't treat celebrities like normal human beings. We treat them above that, so that when they fall, we have an excuse to treat them below that.

So ask yourself the question, does Tiger Woods not deserve the same respect and sympathy your best friend would deserve were he or she to make these mistakes?