Mats, your not helping!

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJuly 3, 2008

To Mats:

Mats, your not helping. There are 4 teams taking a risk on Mats Sundin right now: Toronto, Montreal, NY Rangers, and Vancouver. The reason your not helping is because all of these teams made very strong offers towards you, and can't wait another month to find out your decision because they need to know what they can do with their cap room.

Mats Sundin is basically deciding the cap for those four teams. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Leafs fan and want Mats back, but I'm not going to be his fan if he pulls a Peter Foresberg, waiting until the trading deadline to make his final decision.

The Leafs need to force a yes or no answer out of him, not a maybe, not a hold on and see, or a well I guess its going to be a long ride from here on out. But I guess that is Cliff Fletcher for you. He can never seem to get a yes or no, he is not strict enough. That is why they brought in Ron Wilson.