Jamison Makes Cleveland the Team to Beat

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Jamison Makes Cleveland the Team to Beat

For a minute I was worried my boy Jamario Moon was going to depart from Cleveland, luckily Danny Ferry passed the deal without including him. Although as Kelly Dwyer suggested in one of her articles, Moon and Shaq for Amare would work cap wise (SHHHHH!). The Cavaliers are now the most legit team in the NBA and by far have the best chance of winning a championship. I can't get too far ahead of myself because we aren't certain how well Jamison will work in the rotation. But there are plenty of reasons to believe this is the best trade so far of the deadline.

Losing Ilgauskas was a blow to the Cavaliers. Shaq has been limited to about 23 minutes and is only putting up about 11 points. Ilgauskas played a big role giving the big man some rest, but the Cavaliers are still benefiting from this trade. It gives the Cavs a chance to go big and small against any team. By bumping Jamison to the four, you can play smaller teams and have Varejao play the five. You can also go big by putting Shaq at the five and have Jamison fill the four while Lebron fills the three. Teams like Orlando and Boston make opposing teams stretch their defense to the perimeter with guys like Rashard Lewis and Rasheed Wallace. The Cavs will now be able to guard those type of players much better with Jamison.

The most interesting part of this trade will be to see how well Jamison can deal with playing a lesser important role. Obviously without Gilbert Arenas in Washington, Jamison could shoot when he pleased. Now he is the arguably the third go-to-guy. I think going from a non-contending playoff team, to a legitimate championship-contending team will take a little burden of his shoulders.

Mo Williams will be back soon to run point for Cleveland and with him in the lineup, the Cavaliers look unstoppable for the remainder of the season. Granted nobody gets injured, the Cavaliers will be the team to beat, not only in the East, but throughout the league.

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