Bret Hart 'Injury' Storyline

Jesse SeedathContributor IFebruary 17, 2010

Hey You all Nice to #Write to you again...

This is about Bret Hart and Vince for Wrestlemania XXVI(26)

To add to the storyline on what happened with Bret Hart on RAW this past Monday night, has stated that Bret suffered a "broken left leg in addition to ligament and tendon damage". For those who missed RAW, Bret was involved in a 'car accident' which resulted in him being taken away in an ambulance.

NOTE: This is Jesse's Opinion and everyone is entitled to His/Her Own...

The whole scene where the accident took place the acting was Bad..:(

1) The Woman Driving the Car didn't see a Huge Limo in the back? come on You were Reversing did you expect to look forward?(Very bad on my path)

2) If you saw John Cena was Like a Couple of Foot steps away From the Limo..And After the Car Hit the Limo.. It took him about4-5 Sec to realise it O_o??? Really? so he didn't hear anything? (Very bad on my path)

3) Then the point where everybody was supposed to was very well....FAKE....

But Then again There was always "Jerry Springer" I wouldn't want to get into that I might say some things that are not Agreeing with the Terms of this site.....:)