Expectations: Auburn's Fortunes Rest in Youth

Kool BellContributor IFebruary 17, 2010

This seems to me an apt picture for the mood in Auburn.


The Tigers have seen their fortunes rise lately with a top five recruiting class and the return of some veteran help in the defensive backfield. Depth at offensive and defensive line, linebacker, and just about all aspects of the game has received some sort of boost in speed and athleticism.


All the pieces of the puzzle seem to be in place, even if they are a little young.


The excitement is building, and the coaching staff wants it to build. Coach Chizik has said he wants Auburn fans to be excited. The thing is that fans and excitement bring expectations, specifically the kind of unrealistic expectations that may be premature, considering the youthfulness of this very young Auburn team.


It would seem to me to be unrealistic at this point to expect contention for the West crown and an SEC Championship Game.


I know anything is possible. I also know what one or two injuries during the season would do to Auburn’s chances at even going to a bowl game next year.


Let’s not put too many expectations on these young Tigers; instead, revel in their display of courage and sportsmanship. Give them all the support this Auburn family can give, and love them for all their efforts.


If they happen to take us to a bowl game next year, well then, great! If they win the West and go to Atlanta, then, great! If they happen to win in Atlanta, and go on to play for a National title, please remind me to eat these words.


I’ll gladly eat crow to watch these Eagles soar to those heights!