NBA Rumor Mill: Josh Smith to Detroit?

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IJuly 3, 2008

It's early in free agent season and most NBA teams are looking to find that one guy who can carry their team to a NBA Title.

The Pistons are one of those teams. After having a less-than-impressive draft, possibly because they don't need to fill any voids, the Pistons are scanning the free agent market to pick up a All-Star type player.

Enter Josh Smith, a 6'9" forward who can almost do everything. He can block shots with the best of them, play the post quite well, and dunk over anybody he wants to.

Smith is just what the Pistons need.

Keep an eye on the negotiations between Smith and the Atlanta Hawks. Smith wants to start negotiations at $11 million per year, but Hawks GM Rick Sund isn't all that willing to start at such a high price. If Atlanta dosen't want to talk with Smith, don't be surprised if the Pistons ask to sign-and-trade.

Smith met with the Philadelphia 76ers on July 3rd, who are interested in the All-Star as well. Chances are that by the end of free agency, Smith is either a part of the Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers or the Detroit Pistons.

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