Best For Colt Mccoy

Ctrl-Alt-DelCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2010

After the *injury* to Colt McCoy's shoulder sidelined him during the BCS Championship game and the moans from Texas faithful afterwards, now seems like a good time to reassess the incident. Emotions have subsided and one can look at just the facts.

The facts are that Colt McCoy was slapping his teammates helmets on the sideline all during the second half. His arm didn't seem to be affected that much. Yes, his arm was apparently numb for a few minutes, kind of like when you sleep on an arm and it is numb for a few minutes.

Dr. Andrews, a renowned orthopedic surgeon based in Birmingham, Al., basically said that Colt had no injury and there wasn't anything that he could do because, you know, there isn't anything that can be done for an injury that doesn't exist.

 A *stinger* was the diagnosis and we all know a stinger is just another word for "cant find anything wrong with you."

After analyzing all the data and thoroughly exhausting all avenues of data relating to Colt's *injury*, it seems to come down to this:


Thanks, Colt, for letting it all be about you. 'Bama's D would have zoned in on you rather quickly anyway and it would have been a loss for you either way.

You kind of threw 'Bama's game plan off balance by getting *injured.* 'Bama slacked off for a bit, so I guess you did help your team in a way, even if it wasn't on the field.

The best part of your injury was how, apparently, it crippled the Texas defense and they turned into one of the worst run stop defenses I have ever witnessed in collegiate football.

Try to toughen up when you get to the NFL and stay in the game. In the NFL, it isn't all about Colt McCoy, it is all about the owners and the real money men.